Moist salads

I like my salads with lots of dressing.  I don’t know if this is an inborn personal preference or whether it is subconsciously influenced by my Dad.  When I was a child [who didn’t eat any vegetables] Dad once cajoled or bribed me into trying lettuce.  “It has no taste,” I said.  He replied, “Suzanne, lettuce is just a vehicle for the delicious dressing.”  I dipped my lettuce into whatever dressing he was eating, tasted and said, “yuck!”  That was the end of salad for me until I went off to college.

When I finally did learn to eat salad, I liked them moist.  I ate 1,000 Island dressing for a while, then settled on Bleu Cheese – which I really liked and reluctantly gave up when I started the BTD.  For a while I made my own dressing with extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and some herbs.

Then one day my line dancing friends were having lunch at an upscale Italian restaurant.  The waiter brought out baskets of homemade rolls and plates of olive oil with garlic and other herbs to dip the bread in.  I didn’t eat the rolls, but I was curious about the way my friends were raving about the spicy oil.  When my salad came, on impulse I picked up one of the plates and poured the remaining oil on my salad.

Oh, Oh, Oh!  It was delicious.  And ever since that has been my dressing of choice.  Plain extra virgin olive oil with herbs and spices.  My personal favorite is a McCormick Greek Seasoning.

However, as I have said, I like moist salads.  So it was not unusual for me to put 2 to 4 tablespoons of oil on my salad.  If you think of the way dressings are poured over salads in restaurants, that is not unusual.  But it is way out of line with BTD proportions.  Last year when I found out that my cholesterol had jumped up dramatically from the year before, getting my fat percentage back in line was one of the things I knew I had to do.

But one measly tablespoon of oil a day . . . . . . . . that’s not much for a side salad, much less a dinner sized salad, much less for the whole day.  I was determined and I did indeed get my cholesterol down.  However I have lamented the dry salads.

One day recently I was cooking lunch, and at the same time I was making salad.  I was preparing a recipe that called for almond milk.  [I don’t drink almond milk as a beverage, but it substitutes perfectly for milk in every recipe I have tried – even egg custard.]

I had used a teaspoon of oil on something else at breakfast, so I looked sadly at my salad as I added two teaspoons of olive oil.  Then totally on impulse, I added a generous splash of almond milk.

It’s hard to judge just how delicious this addition really is compared to ordinary salad.  Remember I had been eating dry salad for more than a year.  But I loved it!  Almond milk is now a routine part of my salad.  I measure my olive oil, but I am generous with spices and almond milk.  And I am satisfied.

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