Evitar alimentos procesados

Un ejemplo de un producto que puede llevarte a equivocaciones. ¿Sabes cómo se producen los embutidos? Cada uno tiene un proceso diferente y, si bien, cada vez se intenta utilizar menos aditivos, aún están muy lejos de ser productos “all natural” como reza el eslogan de las marcas disponibles. Además del azúcar refinado, la dextrosa […]


I’m getting kind of frustrated with my health. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, but I’ve been suffering with it for months. My health hasn’t been quite right since the hernia repair surgery back in December. In February, an echo-cardiogram revealed fluid on my heart, and I’ve been going to doctors and tests […]

Re-Starting a Familiar-ish Routine

Jack started attending the local public high school last Wednesday, after two years of homeschooling. Up until I pulled him out of school, I’d always had at least one child in school or day care since Hannah started preschool. So that’s about 16 years of being used to a “school schedule” followed by two years […]