Las lectinas y la pérdida de peso

¡Imagínense lo bello que fue para mi el poder platicar ante un número considerable de medicos este pasado mes de Junio, en París, acerca de las bondades que aporta esta ciencia nutrigenómica. Transmitirles la iniciativa de que por medio de pequeños cambios en la alimentación poder lograr enormes resultados a nivel de prevención y bienestar […]

Good Cholesterol News

My Cholesterol report is in and it could not have been better. All I can say is once again the Blood Type Diet worked…beautifully…perfectly…ideally for me as a Type O. Here are the numbers: Total Cholesterol – 222 – down 111 points in six months HDL Cholesterol – 106 – good Cholesterol only dropped 11 […]

Happy New Year!

Rosh Hashona is usually a time for families to get together. But my oldest, recently married daughter was going away upstate for the holiday, where the sleep away camp she used to attend is hosting a free event for families and alumni of the camp. I’ve never attended because I don’t think they can safely […]

Avocado, Chocolate, and Apples

Saturday is the big day.  I go in for a follow up cholesterol test.  I’ll admit that I nervous.  I’ve worked hard, cut back on fats and sugars, exercised more, increased my fluid intake, and deprived myself of some favorite foods.  If my LDL is back in normal range, it will all be more than […]