Preguntas y respuestas

A continuación varias preguntas hechas por seguidores durante años, y sus respectivas respuestas respaldadas por el Dr. D’Adamo:   ¿Que son ’lectinas’? Son moléculas proteicas que se encuentran en los alimentos que unidas a glicoproteinas y glicolipidos en la superficie de célula o en tejido corporal causan aglutinación. Algunas lectinas causan aglutinamiento de los eritrocitos […]

The Cost of Free Food

  A while ago, I posted about all the free food I was getting from various sources. There’s the organization that used to be called Food Not Bombs, but has since been renamed Community Solidarity. They collect food donations from individuals and stores, and give it away to anybody who has the time and energy […]

Greens I never knew existed

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I am getting greens every week in the box from the organic farm.  Some are beneficial favorites like collards, kale, and spinach.  But there are a surprising number of greens that I have never heard of. Sweet potato greens – Obviously these are the tops to sweet potatoes.  […]