“Sitting is the new smoking”

Twice in the past year or so I have done blogs about how poor health may be related to sitting. Since then, I have made an effort to get up once an hour, even when I am involved in a detailed computer project, and move around. I keep a list of chores and short projects […]

Re-Learning to Pace Myself

There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. Leah moved out to her own apartment on January 1st. She’s enjoying her newfound freedom and likes the community she’s moved into, but she’s still close enough to visit often. She’s still not quite done collecting things she wants from this house. And we’re […]

Deseándoles Un Año Lleno de Paz y Salud!

Me llena de alegría poder desearles un nuevo año lleno de salud y paz en lo espiritual, en lo físico y sobre todo a nivel mental. Sin ello no podremos crecer ni alcanzar las metas que nos hemos propuesto cada uno de nosotros!! Seguiré con mi segmento de preguntas y respuestas que se han venido […]

New Year – Fluoride free

Fluoride has been a hot button issue with me for 30 years – probably more. I remember being disappointed after my first child was born when my doctor (who I respected) told me to give him fluoride drops but not vitamins. I remember getting in the fight to keep fluoride out of the city where […]