Foot fat

I was at water aerobics yesterday.  I put my water weights and my shoes on the side of the pool by my favorite spot – near the speakers so I can hear better.  As I walked toward the steps, I said to my friends, “You would think that after the whole summer my feet would be used to the pebbles in the pool deck, but they still hurt!”

One friend, who deals with multiple arthritis and joint issues, said, “It’s because you’ve lost all your foot fat.”

I must have looked incredulous, because she laughed and said, “It’s true.  As you get older, you lose the fat in your feet.  The pebbles hurt more than they did when you were young.  It’s crazy isn’t it?  We put on fat where we don’t want it.  But the one place where a little fat would do us some good, it vanishes.”

The conversation stood out in my mind because of my last blog.  As we get older, there are ways that we can age more gracefully than most of the women around us.  We can fight against the tendency to increase belly fat and lose muscle tone.  We can stay mentally and physically active.  We can eat sugar only as an occasional treat to defend against Type II diabetes.

But there are some things we cannot change…and I guess losing foot fat is one of them.

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