C Diff

If you are in a hurry, at least read the last paragraph of this blog I have not tried a single new recipe in weeks. HH and I have both been eating a rather bland diet, trying to get his digestive tract back in shape from the double antibiotic disaster last March. I have not […]

Family Lunch

Years ago, we established family dinner time. But it’s been hard to work that out lately, because Leah has been working in the evenings for the past several months, and doesn’t always come home after work. Then this week, Hannah started taking one college class in the evenings. Since it’s summer session, this particular class […]

Earache & Hearing Aids

I woke up on Monday morning two weeks ago with pain in my ear. That was a surprise. The last time I had an ear infection was when I was in elementary school, a long time ago. My first thought was that I had something like swimmer’s ear. It has been a cold damp spring […]

Diferencias en los tipos de carbohidratos

Alimentos altos en carbohidratos también suelen ser altos en lectinas. El contenido de lectina depende en gran medida, del tipo sanguíneo. Carbohidratos erróneos o ‘no compatibles’ con cierto tipo sanguíneo contienen lectinas que actúan en forma de ‘insulina’, activando hidroxilasa tirosinica y lipasa; dos enzimas intercelulares encontradas en tejido adiposo que impiden el funcionamiento de […]