Cookies and Pain

I had company this past weekend, and today I’m in a lot of pain. It all started when somebody offered me some gluten-free cookies for free. I figured “Hey, I’m having company this weekend; it’s a good idea to have desserts and snacks on hand!” Unfortunately, none of my guests liked the cookies, and I […]

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels

I was at water aerobics this morning.  The teacher was telling stories to keep us distracted because she was doing such a difficult arm workout. She said she had had a rough day earlier in the week, and was craving comfort food.  She had driven by a local fried chicken fast food restaurant and really, […]

Step aerobics and feeling my age

If you are over 60, you will understand this blog.  If you are under 50, wait a few years.  One day you will remember reading this and say, “Oh! Now I get it.” Nobody likes to admit they are getting old.  But if you, like me, have spent 40+ years trying to eat healthy and […]