BTD vs pre-diabetes

I have good BTD news about my Honorable Husband.  In his most recent physical, his bloodwork showed that his blood sugar was up again.  I guess it was seven or eight years ago that his blood sugar crossed the line into pre-diabetic territory.  The doctor gave him a year to get it down, and that was the first time HH had taken the Blood Type Diet seriously.  In a year he took his blood sugar from 106 to 88.  The doctor was impressed.  He kept his blood sugar under the magic 100 line until last year.

He gradually let more desserts back into his diet.  He began to have a little ice cream at night.  He ate bread at every meal…lots of bread when we were at a restaurant.  He snacked on crackers in the afternoon.  His bowl of breakfast granola got bigger and bigger.  The little pooch around is middle got bigger too.

When the doctor called with the results of his blood work, his blood sugar was 110.  He already takes medication for blood pressure and cholesterol – low doses of both – but he does not want to be on a third lifetime medication.

So – we got to work.  I reviewed the Eat Right for Your Type Diabetes Book.  Clearly he needed more protein and less carb.  I showed him how to pour a more moderate bowl of granola and add a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter.

Ice cream was banned from our house. If we went to eat at a friend’s home he ate dessert, but we didn’t have desserts at home.

I only prepared one grain for him per meal.  If he had rice there was no bread.  If he had bread, there were no noodles.  I bought some dips made with yogurt so that he would eat fewer crackers.  I increased his salad and vegetable servings.

He gradually began to lose weight.  He increased his daily walking route in the neighborhood.  He was getting plenty to eat.  He never felt deprived or hungry.

When my cholesterol went up, I didn’t want to wait until my next physical to find out if I was doing the right thing.  So I had my cholesterol checked at the pharmacy in our local grocery store.  HH felt the same way about waiting for a report on his blood sugar.  So on the second Saturday of the month when they do screenings, we went to the pharmacy before breakfast while he was fasting.

In just 2 months, his blood sugar was down to 100.  We were both thrilled.  Since then, we have not relaxed our standards.  He would like to see his blood sugar drop a little more before his next physical.

Again the Blood Type Diet had proved beneficial to us.  For that I am very thankful.

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