Eat more vegetables with cooking spray

My niece taught me to use cooking spray for roasted vegetables several years ago.  This has become one of my favorite cooking techniques.  It has even surpassed steaming vegetables, the method I relied on for most of my adult life.

It is so easy.  I spray a baking sheet with olive oil cooking spray.  I put on vegetables on the baking sheet.  Sliced sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash.  Chopped okra, onions, broccoli and bell peppers.  Whole green beans and asparagus.  Pre-baked beets, butternut squash,  and rutabaga – sliced and topped with cinnamon for a twice-roasted taste.

Then I spray more cooking spray on top of the vegetables

I roast at 350 degrees, 375 degrees, or 400 degrees, depending on how much of a hurry I am in and how crisp I want the roasted vegetables to be.  I have on occasion roasted at 425 degrees.  I can’t tell you a time, because it depends on the vegetable – parsnips roast really fast, sweet potatoes are slower.

I like roasted vegetables – my husband likes them…even my little grandsons like them.

The one thing I have wished for is to be able to spray olive oil by itself rather than using aerosol cooking spray.

I have several brands of oil sprayers – and thrown them all away.  I have bought olive oil pump sprayers in the grocery store, thinking I would refill the sprayers when they were empty.  They make my hand tired and they don’t coat the vegetables evenly.

I read reviews for oil sprayers on Amazon.  I found lots of people like me – who like the idea of spraying plain olive oil.  But no one is actually happy using any of the sprayers.  All of the high star ratings are for good delivery time and attractive packaging.  I haven’t read an enthusiastic review from anyone who actually used any of the sprayers for weeks or months.  No one has ever, ever said they are as good as aerosol cooking spray.

Perhaps someday some inventor will come up with a sprayer that works.  I am an eternal optimist.  I tried who knows how many foaming soap dispensers, and threw them all away.  But my darling daughter has found a brand that works.  I admit I am impressed!

Until the day that future inventor creates a product that works as well as the advertisements claim, I am going to stay with cooking spray.  It’s easy.  It’s healthy.  It’s convenient.  I can even buy olive oil cooking spray in an extra-large size.  That means I can roast even more vegetables.

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