Dr. D hacks DNA (or Dr. D & me)

This winter I have taken advantage of my free gym membership through Silver Sneakers.  I found an early morning water aerobics class where I can do squats and lunges which I can’t do on dry land.

I am also enjoying their weight machines.  They have so many more choices than the fitness center in our community.  My favorites are the rowing machine and a gigantic stair stepper.

Dr. D gave a speech at the 2018 IHI Wellness Expo, and he posted a link on facebook.  I downloaded the audio and took it to the gym on my IPod.  So while I was rowing and stepping and lifting weights I was listening to Dr. D’s voice.

There are two reasons you might want to down load the speech.  First he gives a great review of Blood Type Basics.  Most of the people in his audience were not followers of the BTD.  So he was giving them an understanding of the essentials.

But even though I have been on the BTD since 2003, there was a lot of good review.  I guess I take a lot for granted.  It was good to be reminded how all the pieces fit together.  I think I finally have a good grasp of agglutination.

If there is someone in your life who you have tried to explain the BTD to, and it just hasn’t clicked, this audio might be what they need to take hold of the concept.

The second reason you might want to down load the speech is a concept that was totally new to me.  Dr. D talked about how to use the data from genealogy testing (specifically 23 & Me) to find risk factors for certain diseases.  He didn’t stop there; he used SNP searching in the data file that comes with 23 & me to identify personality characteristics, and propensities to certain types of behavior.

I teach a genealogy class at a local retirement center.  The theme of our class is genealogy research you can do for free from your apartment.  While the ladies in the class are very computer savvy, they don’t all have cars, and they can’t go exploring cemeteries and county courthouses.  But there is a lot they can discover from the internet about their family history.

Most of the ladies in the class have done DNA testing.  One found a niece she never knew existed, and helped the niece make a connection to the extended family she had never known.  It was very cool.

So while I have not done DNA testing, I knew they would all be fascinated with Dr. D’s new use for their information.  In addition to downloading the audio for his speech, you can download the slides that he showed as he talked.  I showed his slides to my class.

A funny thing happened right at the start.  I was describing my 10 year battle with indigestion and how the Blood Type Diet delivered me from constant stomach pain.  One of the ladies said, “I have that too!  And I’m Type O like you!”  I think she will be reading about the BTD!

They were indeed fascinated by the concept of using SNP searching to, as Dr. D put it, “hack your DNA.”  And the more I talked, the more thought that I ought to have my DNA tested as well.  I’ve missed the big Christmas sale this year, but I’m going to watch for the next opportunity.

So here is the link.  On this site you will find instructions for downloading both the audio and the slides.  Put the audio on a listening device.  Go to the gym on a cold day and listen to Dr. D as you work out.



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