Dodging hurricanes and swimming laps

My sister has retired in Virginia.  I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years, and that’s way too long!  My Honorable Husband has two close friends who have also retired on the East Coast – one in Virginia and one in North Carolina.  So we planned a 2-week vacation and bought airline tickets last spring.

As the date for our departure neared, Hurricane Florence was roaring toward the Carolinas and Virginia.  After she made landfall, we contacted my sister and our two friends – they were all safe.  They still had electric power and no flooding.  Yea!  The trip was on!

We had lots of fun talking, reliving old times, and sharing hopes for the future.  We did lots of sightseeing particularly some interesting historical sites and the amazing Billy Graham Library.

The BTD connection to the trip is that everyone we visited is trying to eat healthy.  None of them are following the Blood Type Diet, but they are all trying to cut back on sugar and unhealthy fat.  All are eating more vegetables.  Everywhere we went, I could easily find food that was good for me.

I only did intense physical exercise 3 days on the trip, but every day was physically active with plenty of walking.  So we both came home mentally relaxed and physically fit.  However, for some reason, since we got home I have been craving trail mix.  As I learned on the BTD Cholesterol diet, nuts are not a good choice for Type Os, particularly Type Os with cholesterol problems.  I confess I have yielded to the craving too many times.  I’ve got to get that under control.

No sooner were we home that another hurricane hit the Carolinas and Virginia.  This one did more damage to my sister and our friends – knocking out their power and blowing huge trees across their driveways.  However their homes were safe, and for that we are all very thankful.

I was busy blogging about Cholesterol in August when I turned 65 and don’t think I mentioned my birthday.  Benchmark birthdays are funny. We celebrate 16, 18, and 21. At 30 we say, “I can’t be that old!” Years 40, 50, and 60 remind us of our mortality. But 65 comes with perks! I went on Medicare!!  So thankful I no longer have Obamacare hanging over my head.

Even better – my Medicare plan comes with a free Silver Sneakers membership.  I have been trying some exercise classes at local gyms.  Today I swam more than half a mile at an indoor pool that is part of the Silver Sneakers program.

Some of you who have read my blogs for a long time remember that when we lived in the big city I swam laps five days a week in the summer.  Since we moved to the country, our community pool is not big enough to swim laps very effectively.  I was very, very happy that I am in good enough shape to swim half a mile effortlessly.  Maybe next week I’ll start working my way back to a mile.



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