Good Cholesterol News

My Cholesterol report is in and it could not have been better.

All I can say is once again the Blood Type Diet worked…beautifully…perfectly…ideally for me as a Type O.

Here are the numbers:

Total Cholesterol – 222 – down 111 points in six months

HDL Cholesterol – 106 – good Cholesterol only dropped 11 points

LDL Cholesterol – 116 – bad Cholesterol down 92 points in six months

Ratio TC/HDL     – 2.1 – better than 2.8 ratio six months ago*.

I am thrilled.  I am thankful.

I am amazed at how marvelously God created our bodies so that when they are given proper nourishment they can heal themselves…even at 65 years of age.

I am amazed at how bold, brave and gifted Dr. D’Adamo is to stand against conventional wisdom and the government diet and figure out that we are not all the same.  He knew that what I needed to do to bring my Cholesterol down as a Type O was radically different from what a Type A, Type B, or Type AB would need to do.

I am all too aware that hormones and aging being what they are, this will be a continuous battle.  Every year I will have to exercise a little harder and continue to eat carefully to keep my numbers

I am happy that at 65 I am not on any prescription medications.  I want to keep it that way.

If you are reading this for the first time and wondering how the BTD lowered my Cholesterol, I began blogging about this topic on April 7, 2018 when I got the results from my March blood tests.  I’ve been bluntly, personally honest about what I was trying, what I was confused about, and the results I could see with my eyes.

If you want to read about the adventure, here is the first of the blogs:  Blood Test Woes

The BTD is not an easy lifestyle…but if you want to be responsible for your own health… and you want to use the food and nutrients that God made…it is worth the effort.

I have one more cholesterol blog to write…then on to other subjects.

But today is a day of celebration and joy.

*Some labs calculate the ratio as LDL/HDL.  In that case the meaning of the ratio changes.  Read the fine print on your own Cholesterol report.  Make sure that your old and new ratios are calculated the same way.  If not, it is easy enough to do the recalculation yourself.

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