Success, Failure, and Question


It has been about five weeks since I did the self test machine at my pharmacy.  On Friday it was time to check again.  I knew I had lost weight, but losing weight isn’t my goal.  I want to lose fat and gain muscle.  I see that as the only non-drug path to lowering my cholesterol.

In five weeks my body fat has dropped from 26% to 23%.  According to the machine normal is below 25%.  So I am in the normal range.  I did a little internet research and found that generally doctors and fitness experts agree that under 25% is normal.

However there are some sites that break the categories down into more detail.

Builtlean had a chart typical of athletic and body building sites:
They define “Essential fat” as the minimum amount of fat necessary for basic health.  This would have been useful information when DD was battling her exercise disorder.  I ‘m thinking she was below the minimum.

Weight Loss for All was typical of sites base their body fat percent on age.  They say that as you get older you are allowed a higher percentage of body fat.  I wonder if that concession is just because it is so hard for women to lower body fat after menopause.  Is there a bias of giving up and giving in to Statins?


Success on Friday was followed by failure on Saturday.  We went to two parties.  I did pretty well at the parties themselves:  Small amounts of two avoids at both parties.  But the unaccustomed amount of sugar and grain led to cravings when I got home.  I was hungry.  I didn’t want fluid.  I wanted food.  I overate beneficial and neutrals.

I didn’t eat avoids at home…that’s a good thing.
I didn’t gain any weight that lasted beyond 3 days…that’s a good thing.
But I was ashamed of myself for giving in and over eating when I knew it was the effect of the avoids.

I’m writing this to remind myself to do better next time…and to encourage you not to be down on yourself when you do the same thing…and you know that sooner or later you will.


My question is about hydration.  The machine in the pharmacy shows that my husband and I are both still very dehydrated.  It doesn’t give a percent, so I’m going to take a picture of the graph so I can compare.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think the needle has moved up a little.

Have any of you had any success with hydration?  Please share if you have.

One of the early columnists used to say to add a pinch of salt to lemon water.  Because my husband has high blood pressure, I have cooked with very little salt for more than 30 years.  I’ve started adding a little salt to my food.  It hasn’t changed my blood pressure, but it’s too early to know if that will help with hydration.

Back when the GenoType Diet came out, one of the signs of poor health was lines that cut across fingerprints.  I had some of them then, and they have gotten worse.  When I look at them now, they make me think that my hands are dehydrated.  Did any of you who stayed with the GenoType Diet have any success getting rid of those lines across your finger prints?  If so, I would like to hear your story.


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