Blood Test Woes

Reading blogs means you walk through life, learning alongside the blogger.  So when I was learning about the BTD, you were there.  When I sent my kids off to college, when my first grandbaby was born, when I started buying organic – you were there.  This week I got the results from the blood work at my annual physical, and I was not happy.  So, surprise, you will walk through this adventure with me as well.

First a little background – most of which I’ve blogged about in the past.  It will get you in the mindset for where I was when I got the call from the doctor’s office.  In 2010 studies began to show that routine mammograms do not save lives.  The first study (and subsequent study that have affirmed those results) were controversial and have been countered by personal stories from women who believe their lives were saved by mammograms.  I’m not going to blog about the studies.  If you want to know more, google “study mammograms don’t save lives” and you will get lots of information and differing opinions.

The bottom line was, my doctor and I had a conversation that led to our agreeing that I would have a physical every 18 months which would include a breast exam.  I would also have a mammogram every 18 months staggered between the physicals – so I would get some form of breast screening every 9 months but would cut back on the number of mammograms.

This meant I had bloodwork done every 18 months.

Here are the results that I kept – I know other people’s numbers are boring – sorry

Year                            2016          2015          2013          2009
Total Cholesterol        254            224              249           215
HDL                            >100          >100           99             86
LDL                            uncal          uncal           uncal        77
Ratio                           uncal          uncal           2.5            2.5
Triglycerides              <45            <45             <45          60

I questioned the uncal readings and was told that the lab didn’t calculate readings HDL readings that were exceptionally high or LDL readings that were exceptionally low.  Basically my readings were so good that they were off the chart.  Even my doctor was not concerned about the total cholesterol because the HDL and the ratio were so good.

This year the doctor changed labs.  And here are the results that I just received.

Total Cholesterol        333
HDL                            117
LDL                            208
Ratio                           2.8
Triglycerides               40

I was not prepared for an 80 point jump in total cholesterol.  And I certainly was not prepared for my LDL to be 100 points over the limit.

To add insult to injury, while my T4 Thyroid level was well within normal limits, my TSH was high.  The doctor’s office told me that was a precursor to underactive thyroid.

I was brainstorming like crazy.  What has changed?  Am I headed for a heart attack?  Is this related to the change in labs?  Should I have demanded the old lab give me a real reading instead of uncal?  What’s with the thyroid reading?  How can someone who spends as much effort on health have lab results like these???

Eventually I settled myself down.  My ratio is better than it was in 2009.  My triglycerides are way below the limit.  So I’m probably not in imminent risk.  But I do not like the high LDL level!

I’m in the research stage.  The first two books I pulled off the shelf were Dr. D’s Blood Type Encyclopedia and Dr. D’s Individualized Cardiovascular book.  I had bought the Cardiovascular book for my Type A husband who has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I’ve never even looked at the Type O chapters.

The key line I’m focused on right now is from the Encyclopedia, “Although the body acquires some cholesterol through diet, about two thirds is manufactured in the liver.”  In the Therapies section, Dr. D recommends three protocols – one of them the Liver protocol

What have I done to make my liver so unhappy?  Is it just aging?  Or have I been negligent in some area?

I have not made major diet changes in the past 10 years…except I have tweaked my grain and fruit consumption.  Oh yeah…I seem to be hungry all the time.  I did not want to add sugar or nuts or grain.  I found that olive oil and beef jerky satisfy the cravings…so I guess I have increased my fat intake.

I was going to say that I hadn’t made exercise changes – but I guess I have.  Ten years ago I did 45 minutes to an hour of cardio six days a week.  Because I read so much about weight bearing exercise and osteoporosis for women over 50, I’ve been spending 25 – 50 percent of my exercise time on weights.  I’m getting less cardio.

I’ve got a lot of research to do, and there will be a lot of blogs.  You will be on this adventure with me.

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