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It all started at the grocery store when I was almost out of Italian Seasoning.  Of course I was in a hurry.  As I scanned the spice bottles looking for the very well-known McCormick’s blend of that name.  I saw a familiar texture.  I saw the word seasoning.  And I pulled a bottle off the rack, only to see that I was holding Greek Seasoning.  I read the ingredients and was intrigued.  Into my cart went both Greek Seasoning and Italian Seasoning.  I’ve liked Greek Seasoning on everything I’ve tried it on, but my favorite is frittatas.  It really goes quite well with eggs, spinach and onions.

One day after a hike, my friends were talking about what they were planning for dinner that night.  This is a pretty healthy group, as you might imagine, since we hike almost every week to stay in shape.  One of my friends said she was had started one of her favorite meals in the crock pot that morning and planned to serve it to friends that evening.  It was so simple.  She put chicken breasts, in the crock pot and seasoned them with paprika, cumin, all spice and garlic.  I wrote down the ingredients intending to try it myself.  The next day I needed inspiration for lunch.  No time for a crock pot recipe, but I put chicken thighs in a baking dish, mixed the four spices together and sprinkled them on top.  I baked them in a medium oven.  My husband has requested that we have it again.  Next time I’m going to plan ahead and try the crock pot.

My Darling Daughter was at our house and we were cooking dinner together.  I had planned to roast vegetables, including broccoli.  She asked if she could season the broccoli the way 4-year-old BC likes it.  I watched as she put light olive oil in a plastic bag.  She added garlic, pepper, thyme and Parmesan cheese.  Then she put in the broccoli pieces and shook it all up together.  She poured the coated broccoli onto a cookie sheet and put it in the oven.  It was so delicious that there were no leftovers for my breakfast the next morning.

Just this past Friday DD and her father had been working on her income taxes.  SIL came after work.  I had planned on salmon for dinner, but SIL doesn’t care for salmon.  DD asked if I had any cod, and indeed I had frozen cod loins in the deep freeze.  FYI:  I like cod loins better than cod filets.  They are thicker and stay firmer when they are cooked.  Again DD volunteered to season them the way she does at home.  She used dry mustard, onion powder, garlic, paprika and chili powder.  So simple and so delicious.

If you are looking for new spices for familiar foods – here are four ideas you can try.  Or you can be bold and mix spices together in your own unique new blends.  If you do, I hope you will share your successes on facebook.

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