So embarrassing, so not worth it

Last Friday I went hiking with my hiking club.  Between cancellations for weather and conflicts with the new grandbaby, I had only hiked twice since Christmas.  I was ready to hit the trail.

We hiked about three miles in a Hill Country park.  I was taking pictures of trees budding, and enjoying the promise that spring weather was coming.  This has not been a particularly cold winter, nor has it been rainy.  But it has been one of the two dreariest, dampest, chilliest winters since I moved to this part of Texas in 1979.  We usually have warm sunny days broken by cold sunny days.  But enough complaining about the weather.  That’s not what this blog is about.  And people in the northeast have certainly had it much worse than I have.

After our hike we went for lunch to a historic hamburger joint.  It is in a ratty looking building.  They advertise having won all sorts of awards for best hamburgers in several categories.  Being a Type O beef eater, I couldn’t wait.  I knew I wouldn’t eat the bun.  It would come home and turn into a turkey sandwich for my husband’s dinner.  I just wanted to taste these renowned hamburgers.

The hamburger was good, but mine was over cooked, so I can’t say I would give it any awards.

The big problem was a bad judgment call I made in ordering.  I had a choice of four sides.  All of them were deep fried avoids.  I chose one that I thought would be the lesser of evils.  It was something I hadn’t eaten in years, even before the BTD.  It was a throwback to my unhealthy childhood, and it really tasted good.  So I ate all of it.

The next morning my weight was up more than 3 pounds.  Oh no.  I guess there was wheat involved.  I hadn’t thought of that.

That afternoon I had a sour stomach.  You know what I mean, not really sick, just a churning, burping, uncomfortable feeling.

The next day my weight was up another half pound and I had a stomach ache all afternoon.

Monday I was better but I still felt like my digestive tract was inflamed, so I added a lot of ghee to some pumpkin.  That probably helped the inflammation, but for reasons that I cannot explain ghee causes short term weight gain, even though it is beneficial.  So my weight stayed high.

Today – a whole week later, my weight is back to normal and the stomach inflammation is gone.

So I ask myself – for the 200th time since last Friday.  Was the award winning hamburger worth it?  No.
Should I let other people’s food ratings influence my food choices? No
Am I thankful that strict compliance to eating for my type vanquished the issues in a relatively short time?  Yes, Yes, Yes

I’m not naïve.  I know I will make another mistake at another restaurant.  But I will never, ever eat this particular avoid again.  It’s so embarrassing to confess to you, and it’s so not worth it.

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