facebook fudge fiasco

I have a lot of facebook friends who share recipes.  That would be ok except that most of the recipes they share they haven’t tried.  They just like the picture.  I had one friend say the reason she shares recipes is because it saves them to her timeline so she can find them again later.  Thus I quickly scroll past most recipe posts.

The exception to that rule is paleo recipes.  When a friend something from a paleo site, I stop and take a second look.  Paleo is certainly very different from the Blood Type Diet, but it’s not completely incompatible with the Type O diet.  I have picked up some interesting recipes shared from paleo sites that with minimal tweaking were good for my family.

So last week I saw a recipe for 0 grain, 0 dairy, 0 sugar brownies.  It was such an outrageous claim that I stopped to read the ingredients.  Surprisingly they were quite healthy:  sweet potato, avocado, nut butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate squares, almond milk and 2 Tablespoons of honey (I substituted agave).  That’s more like a side dish than a dessert.  I gathered the ingredients and decided to try it.

We had friends from out of state stopping by for a Tuesday afternoon visit.  My plan was to bake the brownies on Monday, do a taste test just to be sure, and serve them on Tuesday.  We got a call Monday afternoon, their schedule had changed; appointments had shifted.  Could they come in an hour?

I’m glad I keep the house clean all the time!  We said sure, come ahead.  When they arrived, they apologized.  I said, no problem, but you are going to miss the most amazing brownies.  Instead I served kale chips, sweets & beats chips, and little corn chips shaped like the state of Texas.  I know, I know, the corn chips are avoid.  I didn’t eat any, but everyone else sure thought they were cute.

After our guests left I made the brownies.  I could hardly wait to taste them.  They were supposed to cook 20 minutes.  When I tried to cut them, it was like cutting pudding.  They tasted good, but they weren’t brownies.  I refrigerated them overnight, but that didn’t help.  So I cooked them 20 more minutes, then another 10 or 15.  After that, they weren’t the texture that brownies should be, but at least I could cut them.  They were more like sticky fudge.

That day they tasted pretty good, but not good enough to offer one to my husband.  The third day I ate another, but the 4th day something tasted funny.  After thinking it over, I decided it was the avocado.  It had the same taste as over ripe avocado or left over guacamole.  It was definitely not a good flavor combination with chocolate!

I eventually finished them all, but I’ve thrown away the recipe.  I’m just very glad I didn’t serve that fiasco to my visiting friends.

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