Smells like licorice

There are two herbs I would never have tried except for Dr. D’Adamo.  One is anise – neutral for Type Os, but beneficial for my Hunter side.  The other is fennel – neutral for Type O, but beneficial for Type As and beneficial for my Gatherer side.  Both smell like licorice to me, and I just love licorice.  But I had trouble learning how to use them both.

I bought anise just because it was beneficial.  It was an impulse buy – I didn’t have any anise recipes.  When I opened the container I loved the way it smelled.  But it was tiny hard seeds.  I tried it on things like pumpkin and butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  But the flavor didn’t permeate the food.  I tried grinding the seeds in my food processor, but the seeds were too small.  They just flew around ignoring the blade that was supposed to break them open.  I thought about buying a coffee grinder, but my kitchen is not all that big, and it seemed wasteful to buy an appliance just to grind one herb.  I tried soaking them in water and in olive oil – but neither released the flavor.

So the anise went into the pantry and was ignored for a long, long time.

I have some little jars that attach to my blender.  I grind flax seed in them.  It’s really convenient because I can keep a half cup of freshly ground flax in my refrigerator.  One day I was grinding flax seed and I remembered the anise.  I put the whole container of anise seeds in one of the little blender jars and hit liquefy.  Very quickly I had anise powder and the aroma was wonderful.  I’ve been using it in all the recipes where I use ginger or cinnamon.  It combines well with both.  You will love it…especially if you like licorice.

When I first started the Blood Type Diet 14 years ago I looked at fennel in the grocery store and put it back.  What would I do with it?  I couldn’t imagine my family eating it as a vegetable.

When my Darling Daughter had her first baby, she read about fennel as a booster for milk production.  She bought capsules, and thought that it really helped.

A week ago fresh fennel arrived in the box from the organic garden.  As I cut off the stems (as recommended by my Vegetable guidebook) I noticed that fennel smells a little like licorice.  The guide book says I can cook fennel and use it as a flavoring – sort of like grilled onions or roasted bell peppers.  I haven’t tried that yet, but I will.  The thing that intrigued me was the guidebook says fennel is very popular in Italy where they either chop it up in salads, or marinate it in olive oil, salt & pepper.  Since my favorite salad dressing is plain olive oil, I combined those two and put chopped fennel doused with olive oil on our salads one day at lunch.  What a delightful addition.  Just a hint of licorice flavor among the greens and other chopped vegetables.

Fennel is going to become to become a staple at my house.  I can’t wait to share some with DD, especially while she is nursing baby #2.

And speaking of DD and the baby – I intended to move on from my blogs about DD’s experience with childbirth, but I had two people say that they didn’t understand the connection with the Blood Type Diet.  If two people took the time to say so, then there were probably others who didn’t read between the lines and get it either.

If you were confused, I would first advise you to read all three blogs in order.  You will miss the context if you miss any of them.  Here is how I replied to one of those who commented about the BTD application:

Women who wanted natural childbirth fought for that right in the 1980s and won. How did we lose those rights so quickly (at least in some hospitals)?  The broader health/nutrition/BTD point would be that today those of us who want a natural, healthy lifestyle have unlimited access to supplements and the ability to eat right for our type.  However there are political forces who want to regulate supplements and special interest groups who want to push everyone toward being vegetarian or vegan. We must be alert; we must be informed; we must be prepared for a “food fight”.

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