Finding out about Fennel

Fennel is a beneficial food for my Type A husband.  It is neutral for Type O me, though it is a frequent neutral in some of Dr. D’s books about targeted conditions.  I remember looking at it when I first went on the BTD, and not buying it because I had no idea what to do with it.

Fennel turned up in the box from the organic farm. My vegetable guide seemed to treat it as a condiment more that a vegetable in its own right. The book suggested adding chopped fennel to salads.

Unfortunately about the time the fennel arrived, my Honorable Husband had one of his periodic digestive system setbacks. If you have followed my blog for long, you know that about two years ago he had what the doctor thought was a diverticulitis attack. The strong antibiotics they used to treat the infection left his digestive system in a fragile state. I have learned to control it, and when an attack starts I know what to do to stop it within a few days.  But what starts an attack continues to elude us. One of the current theories is that it has to do with too many raw vegetables.  I know that switching him to cooked vegetables is part of the healing process.

All of that to say that we couldn’t experiment with raw fennel. The vegetable guide also spoke of sautéing fennel and adding it as a topping to meats or a garnish to cooked vegetables.

I remember cutting into the fennel for the first time. What a delightful aroma. It reminded me of licorice.

I chopped it and cooked it in light olive oil. I liked it on every food I tried it on. I really liked in mixed in a bowl of meat and vegetables. It blended equally well with beef, chicken, and fish.

Fennel is an interesting and tasty food that I wouldn’t have tried without the organic garden box. I hope they send me some more soon.

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