More cheese struggles

I’m still struggling with the cheese issue. I thought I’d solved it on the first night of Shavuos, when I’d had fish, rice pasta, and vegetables, plus a tiny sliver of cheesecake, and about a teaspoonful of the cream sauce I’d made for Jack. I got this sudden feeling of “ugh! no more dairy!” and cleaned up my diet immediately.

For the rest of the rice pasta, I made a pumpkin sauce. I used canned pumpkin instead of tomato paste, and the same amount of water and spices I’d use in tomato sauce, plus a bit of lemon juice because pumpkin isn’t as acidic as tomatoes- and it came out delicious! This is DEFINITELY something I plan to make again.

So I thought I had those cheese cravings solved. But sometimes- bedtime rolls around and I’m too hungry to sleep, and I find myself absolutely craving cheese Nothing else seems as satisfying. I don’t want anything too heavy or with too much fiber, as then I’ll feel too full to sleep. But if I’m actually HUNGRY, that will keep me awake too. But somehow a hard boiled egg just isn’t as satisfying as a hunk of mozzarella cheese. If I microwave eggs to make an “egg sandwich” on a rice cake, somehow it’s not quite enough without a slice or two of American cheese melted on. Yeah, I probably should just stop buying the American cheese Jack doesn’t much like it anyway, but I’m not throwing out the slices we already have- and it’s about half a package from Costco. Nor can I stop buying mozzarella cheese when it’s healthy for both Jack and Hannah.

A few nights this week, I ate enough chicken stew late enough at night that I didn’t crave anything else at bedtime. That’s probably my healthiest way forward- make sure I eat enough of the RIGHT foods so I’m less likely to crave the cheese at bedtime.

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