Choices and Consequences

This New Year’s Eve, I decided to make a gluten-free lasagna as part of a festive meal with my kids. I used rice pasta, which is neutral, but I also used canned tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese on top. Tomatoes are an avoid, but I’ve found that they improve muscle pain and energy levels but make joint pain worse, so it’s something I do eat once in a while. But I really ought to stick to the homemade kind, as the jarred sauce has a few additives that might be corn-based. Ricotta cheese is technically neutral, but it’s always behaved as an avoid in my body, and mozzarella is an outright avoid. Besides that, I’m only supposed to have about 3 ounces of cheese per week, not a cup and a half in one sitting!

Nor was this my only indulgence that day. I’d started out the day with a spoonful of peanut butter in my yerba mate/dandelion tea, since I realized I was out of almond butter. And after ringing in the new year, I had a cup of coconut eggnog. I’m not supposed to have coconut milk or sugar, but I’m not super-reactive to coconut milk; it’s certainly gentler on my system than dairy milk.

All in all, it wasn’t wise of me to have so many different avoids all in one day. The peanut butter might not have been a big deal if it wasn’t holiday time and no other splurges were planned. The lasagna was a VERY bad idea when I was already planning on drinking the coconut nog later that evening. In retrospect, I should have had a less creamy morning tea, and made spaghetti or macaroni instead of lasagna. Jack could have added ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese to his bowl, and I could have had mine with butter, tuna, and spices. I don’t regret the coconut nog at all, and I do plan to buy a quart of non-dairy eggnog next year too. Top choice is soy nog so that Jack will enjoy it as well, and I won’t be buying a whole quart of something he won’t drink plus dairy nog for him. A single quart of soy nog would have satisfied both of us.

Within an hour of eating the lasagna, I felt itchy and VERY stuffed up. I had an Epsom salt bath after dinner but before we watched the New Year’s Eve programming. I also took a dose of Sudafed- which is REALLY bad for my heart, but I was too congested to be comfortable at all. I also took Benadryl at bedtime.

On New Year’s Day, I took another dose of Sudafed in the morning, plus all my usual supplements, and extra lemon water. I didn’t eat ANYTHING that wasn’t compliant, drank lots of fluids, and didn’t have any grains until dinner time. I didn’t end up needing a second dose of
Sudafed when the first one wore off. My blood pressure was high in the morning (when the Sudafed was in my system) but it was back to normal when I took it again at bedtime.

I’m still a bit congested today, but I can manage without the Sudafed. My plan is to have some extra vitamin C and fluids today, and renew my commitment to eating right.

There’s simply no excuse for me to be eating avoids, ever. My body can handle a cup or so of non-dairy nog every year, and the single dark chocolate coin I ate during Hanukkah wasn’t a problem either. But I need to stop making a habit of this. I don’t need peanut butter in my creamy beverages, or small amounts of cheese at bedtime. I know what I need to do to feel better. I just have to do it!

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