I’m getting kind of frustrated with my health. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, but I’ve been suffering with it for months. My health hasn’t been quite right since the hernia repair surgery back in December. In February, an echo-cardiogram revealed fluid on my heart, and I’ve been going to doctors and tests and trying to figure out what’s been going on ever since.

I’ve been eating right,and taking supplements, and this still developed. The only things I haven’t been doing “right” for prevention was exercise, and that’s because I couldn’t. First the hernia was causing too much pain to exercise much, then I was recovering from surgery, and then the heart problems started. I’d get out of breath from doing the simplest things. It’s no surprise that my weight has crept up during the time I’ve been unable to exercise. I’ve ALWAYS needed to exercise to lose weight, and my ability to exercise depended on how well the fibromyalgia was controlled.

Other issues are getting enough sleep and reducing stress; things I still struggle with. I can’t always fall asleep easily. Then I’m getting up early to help Jack get ready for school, which is stressful too. He’s not adapting well to the early schedule.

It gets so frustrating sometimes, reading testimonials on Facebook. Somebody cut out wheat and her Fibromyalgia is completely cured! Somebody else “eats clean” and quickly and easily drops the excess pounds. If only it were that simple!

I keep hoping that one more new thing is the “magic bullet” that will heal me. A new supplement, or maybe it’s the sleep routine that’s the problem. Or I need to be more consistent with topical magnesium supplements. Just something else under my control, because this is scary. The Blood Type Diet is supposed to heal all kinds of things and prevent even more. How can such a serious health problem develop while I’ve been following my SWAMI?

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