Re-Starting a Familiar-ish Routine

Jack started attending the local public high school last Wednesday, after two years of homeschooling. Up until I pulled him out of school, I’d always had at least one child in school or day care since Hannah started preschool. So that’s about 16 years of being used to a “school schedule” followed by two years without it.

So it’s familiar to me that I have to get up early, help a child get ready to leave, and then have quiet time to myself. Even the “missed the bus routine” of throwing on yesterday’s clothes, driving somebody to school, and then coming home to shower and get dressed for real, is familiar.

So we’re learning what kinds of eating routines work for Jack. Hannah never had any appetite for real food when she first woke up, but Jack wants eggs every morning before school. He’s been packing his own lunch every morning; something Hannah usually wanted me to do. Like his sister, he wants me to have food ready for him when he gets off the school bus, but he wants cheesy rice while she wanted soups. She still wants soups, but now I make a batch about once a week and she heats it up when she’s ready for it. Back when she was in high school, I’d make a fresh soup every school day.

I’m going to have to find ways to get more fruits and vegetables into this boy. He’d be happy to live on grains and dairy products if I let him. The eggs each morning means he’s getting more protein and from more varied sources. He’s drinking a glass of juice with breakfast. But he’s not packing vegetables in his backpack or eating vegetable soup every day after school. This is why I’m letting him have tomato sauce in his rice, even though it’s a Type B avoid. I’d rather he eat an avoid vegetable than no vegetables at all.

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