It feels like I’m constantly re-inventing myself and having to re-start what I already know works for me. For YEARS, I was able to be very strict about my diet, not really being tempted by the non-compliant stuff in the house for the kids. But somehow, over the past year or two, things have shifted and I’m struggling with cravings for cheese or sugar.

Normally I’d never buy packaged gluten-free baked goods, but we get a lot of cookies and muffins from the food pantry. Some of them, contain corn or potato and I’m easily able to tell myself that I simply can’t eat those items. Others are things the kids really enjoy, so I won’t eat any, or I’ll have one tiny portion from the whole package, and they’ll eat the rest. I won’t be tempted to eat more because then I’m taking it away from them.

But last time we got a new brand of gluten-free cookies that Hannah didn’t like, and Jack is away at camp for the month. There was nothing really harmful in there, except that I’m not supposed to eat sugar at all. One cookie, or even half a cookie, wouldn’t have caused me any harm. But when Hannah didn’t want them, I found myself eating another one. And then another cookie or two later in the day. It took me a day to eat the entire package, minus the one cookie Hannah ate. NOT GOOD!!!

Besides messing up blood sugar stability, eating refined sugar feeds the wrong gut bacteria, making the cravings continue. So I had some raw garlic- some chopped finely and added to salmon salad, and one whole clove just chopped into pieces and swallowed like pills. Later in the day, and the next day, I increased my probiotic intake. And I had zero sugar cravings the next day!

So I need to work on my self-control, and not just eat things because they’re there and Hannah doesn’t want them. But if I do get off track with simple carbs, it’s good to know that I have a way of getting back on track quickly. And I know that, if I feel the need to “cheat”, go for the sugar rather than the dairy since I can fix sugar cravings but not dairy ones.

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