Allergy Answers 2

One thing that I found curious when I first looked at the food lists for Type O (my son and me) and Type A (my husband and daughter) was that Type As can have unlimited servings of vegetables.   Type Os can have 3-5 cups a day.  That was another fact that came back to my mind as I thought about what I had changed in my diet that would have brought my allergies back.  It reinforced my growing suspicion that the culprit, for Type O me, might be carbs.

A friend in my book club has Lupus.  About a year ago when she hosted the club at her house, she explained that her MD had put her on the Paleo Diet, and that she was seeing great results.  She felt better and had cut back on her medications.  She explained that she was serving us Paleo recipes that morning.  There are several of us in the club who are gluten free, so we really enjoyed her interesting snacks.

As I was questioning what brought my allergies back, the book club met at the home of a diabetic friend.  She had been reading about Paleo for diabetes.  She tried it and had seen incredible results, had lost weight, and had cut back on medications.  She served us delicious Paleo recipes that morning.  I came home and googled the Paleo diet.  It is not identical to the Type O diet, (and I am NOT interested in loading up on bacon and I am NOT captivated by the coconut oil fad) but there are some similarities.  One of the Paleo websites talked about high sugar and low sugar fruits and vegetables.  Of course, I was aware that some produce had more sugar than others, but it had never been a factor in my nutritional research.  I don’t recall Dr. D making a big deal out of it, and it doesn’t show up on his food lists.

I decided to have animal protein twice a day.  I set my portions 4 ounces of beef, chicken or turkey; 5 ounces of fish, or 3 eggs.  I arbitrarily decided that any vegetable or fruit with 10 grams of carbohydrate or less in a cup would be low sugar.  Any vegetable or fruit with 10 grams or more in a cup would be high sugar.  I would limit my high sugar carbs to 4 ounces per serving. I did that for simplicity.  I had a book that gave the carb per cup count for everything I might want to eat.  I did NOT want to become obsessive about measuring food.  I did not want to have one of those carb counter apps on my itouch and be entering amounts all day.  I also did not want to be obnoxious in a restaurant.

So, for example.  If I make a salad, I can have as much lettuce as I want.  If I cook a sweet potato, I only eat half.  If I make oven-fried okra, I eat a lot.  If I roast carrots or steam parsnips, I weigh out 4 ounces.  Green beans I eat freely; English peas I measure.  There were surprises.  Onions are higher carb than I thought.  Asparagus and broccoli are really low.

I like the 10 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Rule to get a variety of phyto-nutrients.  So if I am cooking eggs, I may put two cups of spinach and a lot of chopped red or green bell pepper on top of my three eggs.  I top it off with just a couple of tablespoons of grilled onions.

The BTD portions say I can have 1 Tbsp of oil a day.  I am consuming more than that.  I cook a lot of vegetables with ghee.  I use a lot of olive oil on my salads.  I put flax oil with ginger and cinnamon in pumpkin.  I’m also eating avocado once or twice a week.  I read on a BTD Forum post that avocado is avoid for Type O secretors because of immunity issues, but that it helps control blood sugar issues.  So I decided to eat avocado except during cold and flu season.  That may be a mistake, but for now I’m going to take a chance.

I thought all fruits were about the same.  Not so.  Watermelon is relatively low carb, but cherries are surprisingly high.  Strawberries are relatively low carb, but blueberries are high.  Citrus are among the low carb fruits, but so many of them are avoid for Type O.

I am almost grain free – as I was when I first started the BTD.  I put a couple of tablespoons of rice bran or oats in my supper mix with a couple of tablespoons of nuts or seeds, larch and protein powder.  Supper is when I eat most of my fruit.  I try to eat between 5:30 and 6:30.  Then I go outside and do yard work, so I’m burning off the carbs.

Eating this way has vanquished my allergies, and satisfied my hunger.

If you are not Type O – don’t follow what I am doing!!  Look at your own food lists and see where you might be eating more or less than is optimal for your type.  Even if you are Type O, listen to your own body.  Not all Type Os are alike – as the GTD and Swami frequently illustrate.

Early in the process I took some extra supplements.  I have backed off of most of them now, but I think they helped as I was drying out.  That will be the topic for the third and last allergy Blog.

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