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Is it really the middle of June?  Where did the time go?  My Strong son has gotten married! My Darling daughter and her family have moved!  Precious BC now lives just an hour away from us.  My little business is booming!  I have been decorating and celebrating and packing and working and unpacking and …..well everything but blogging.

The fluid is out of my ears.  I am off of all medication.  It has been a journey of several months, and I doubt I can tell the whole story in one blog, but at least let me get the timeline down.  Then in another blog I will tell the details of how tweaking my diet abolished my allergies again.

On March 3 I wrote a blog called “Just a little disappointed and discouraged.”  After I wrote that blog, several people posted on the BTD Forums with their experiences and suggestions.  Some of them seemed to apply to my case and some did not, but they all helped me think about what I had changed that made the allergies, which went away when I started the BTD, come back.

One of the things I remembered was that Adelle Davis wrote a chapter in one of her books called “Allergies are Stress Diseases.”  I knew she associated allergies with anger and anxiety.  She believed that stress leads to adrenal exhaustion which can cause not only allergies, but auto immune responses.  Long ago her books convinced me that I am one those people who has a physical need for more Pantothenic Acid than normal.  I had to admit that political news was making me angry, and that I was very busy, and that my stress level had increased.

I got out her book to refresh my memory.  One of the first things she said was, “Persons suffering from allergies have been found to be woefully deficient in every body requirement except carbohydrate.”  Here is another quote, “When they were given generous amounts of protein, no refined carbohydrates, adequate essential fatty acids…(and a list of vitamins)…most of these children recovered in a single month and all within two months.  One last quote, “The most common allergy in children is to wheat.”  This was sounding more like the Type O Diet every minute.

Hold that thought – I have to go back in time to 2011.  I had been on the BTD for eight years.  I was eating lots of protein, lots of vegetables and fruit, and very little grain.  I had a colonoscopy that year, and they found two polyps – one normal and one precancerous.  Afterwards I did some research and found this information from Dr. D.  “Grain and legumes are about the only sources of phytates, which are anti-oxidant mineral chelators. There are pros and cons to phytates (some people would argue that they block mineral absorption) but they do have fairly potent anti-cancer effects in the colon, which in the case of Genotype Hunters is a bit of an Achilles heel.”

I decided to eat one serving of grain a day and legumes several times a week.  I remember writing blogs about the Type O diet not being grain free and about how I was cooking legumes in my crock pot.  I liked my new way of eating, it was within my Type O portion guidelines, and I felt great.  However, that winter I put on a several pounds, and I didn’t lose them all in the spring the way I had before.  The next winter I put on another pound or two.  My clothes were getting snug, so I looked at my diet.  I was eating the higher end of protein and fat portions, so I cut back.  I lost some of the weight, but I was no longer satisfied.  I was hungry after meals.  I increased my fruit servings to keep me from being so hungry.

You can easily see where I am headed because I’m condensing the time line, but I didn’t notice that over four years I had decreased my protein, decreased my EFAs, increased grain, increased carbs, and increased sugar – all the time eating within BTD proportions and eating virtually all beneficials and neutrals.

I changed my diet radically, and added supplements.  I lost three pounds in a month.  Then something scary happened.  I had this funny feeling in my chest.  My breathing felt scratchy.  When I swallowed I felt sticky.  I felt like I was drying out.  It hit me– does this mean the allergies are gone?  Are these side effects to medications I no longer need.  There was no way to tell except to make an appointment with my doctor.

She looked in my ears – no fluid!!!! Perfectly normal ears.  We came up with a plan for weaning me off of the medications.  I started slow, but sped up the plan after about a week, so within two weeks the only thing I was using was an over the counter saline nasal spray – which I continue to use.

I have waited two months to write this blog – wanting to be sure I stayed allergy free.  And I have.  I thank Dr. D not only for the Blood Type Diet, but for the philosophy that every body is different.  Even within the BTD I have to know myself.  I thank the people on the Forum who gave me great ideas for supplements and encouraged me to think.

Next time I will tell you what I am eating and what supplements I am taking.  I will also ponder what I need to do about phytates and colon health.

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