Holistic health & recovering from an exercise disorder

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard the term Holistic Health, but I do remember that the first time I heard it, I liked it.  Health is not just about food, or just about exercise, it is about every aspect of my life.  It encompasses the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.  It includes my habits, my stress level, my job, and my vacations.

This is particularly important to me as a Christian, because the Bible teaches that my body isn’t exclusively mine.  When I gave my life to God, I was giving my hopes and dreams, by thoughts and feelings, but I was also giving my body.

Christ gave his body on the cross to redeem me from the debt of sin that I could never have paid for.  In return, the Bible tells me to glorify God in my body and reminds me that my body is now a “temple”.

As DD began to recover from her relapse into the exercise disorder, she sent me a blog that she had found on line.  We do not personally know the author.  We do not live in Dallas, or attend this church (though some cousins are members of the church).

The author deals with multiple aspects of a healthy body:  Sleep, Food, Exercise, and Worship.

DD Highlighted some sentences that pertained to her struggles.

“We fuel our bodies for the glory of God and good of others. We fight the temptation to dethrone God by our gluttony or deprivation.”

“Just as the Church won’t flourish if it only exercises its gifting one day a week, so, too, the body won’t thrive on an occasional 30 minutes a day.”

“We wear the self-disciplined label with pride, the trophies on our shelves showcasing our successes. Yet, at some point we crossed the line from godly discipline to idolatry.”

“We worked for the win, not to honor Christ and benefit His body, but to garner attention for our own appearance, praise for our own performance and approval for our own activity. Our bodies become vehicles for vanity instead of vehicles for kingdom-building.”

If you want to read the whole blog, here is the link.


Another help that DD found in her recovery is a YouTube exercise site called Fitness Blender.  She likes it because she can get a workout for any body part at a variety of intensity levels, but the workouts are structured.  If she does a 30 minute Fitness Blender at the end of 30 minutes she stops.  However  if she is running, or at the gym, there is the temptation to keep going for a few more minutes.

Fitness Blender was started by a husband and wife making exercise videos in their garage.  It is now a successful business.  The exercises are free on YouTube.  They make their money in brief ads at the beginning of the workout.

Just a few days ago DD sent me a video blog by the wife, Kelli.  It turns out that she also struggled with exercise and eating disorders.  She has recovered, and tells her very moving story in the blog.  One thing she says that I have experienced myself and that I heard friends lamenting just last weekend – when you try to starve yourself, it actually makes you put on weight.  Breaking out of that cycle is part of what Kelli talks about in the blog.

Here is the link:


While neither of these blogs mention the BTD, they are both so compatible.  Dr. D often talks about the need for balance in rest, food, and exercise.  Dr. D has always advocated losing weight slowly by eating an abundance of beneficial food.  Dr. D emphasizes that every body is different, and you will be healthier if you exercise for your type.  Fitness Blender lets you chose a workout at an intensity level that is appropriate for you.

Most important, if you have someone in your life who is struggling with an exercise or eating disorder, perhaps these blogs will encourage that someone, the way they did my Darling Daughter.

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