Nov 09 2011


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  1. thembi tondi says:

    Dear Dr D’Adamo

    I feel so privileged to have access to your book EAT 4 YOUR BLOOD TYPE. Your book opened my eyes since 2005. I am 48 years old African female, A positive blood type and most of the things you described about this blood type are true . I try to follow it now and then but it is not easy because of the availability and affordability of the products, especially in South African terms . I think if I was in the far east it would work out better for me. Some food sare not easy to let go because your body knows them and you crave for them. I had gastric problems since I was a child and diagnosed with haitul hernia as an adult . After surgery I still had gas and low blood sugar . The gas stopped when I used vitamin b12 injection . Fat s are not good for us in short raised cholesterol. We do well with high carbohydrates .

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