Jan 06 2011

Blood group and complications from fertility treatment

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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a potentially life-threatening complication during controlled ovarian stimulation for fertility treatment. Since no association of this condition with ABO blood groups was known, we compared ABO antigens with severity and onset of symptoms in a case-control study…The odds ratio for patients undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation with blood group A versus O to develop the early-onset form of this condition was 2.171 (p-value 0.002). Blood group A may be associated with early-onset ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome in Caucasians…This possible association may be considered for an individualized hormone dosing in controlled ovarian stimulation.

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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a complication from some forms of fertility medication. Most cases are mild, but a small proportion is severe. Symptoms can range from a more mild form that includes abdominal bloating and feeling of fullness, nausea, diarrhea, and slight weight gain to a more severe form that includes and fullness/bloating above the waist, shortness of breath, urination significantly darker or cessation of urination altogether, calf and chest pains, marked abdominal bloating or distention, and lower abdominal pains. This study looked at 127 Caucasian patients hospitalized because of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after receiving in vitro fertilization, in the period from January 2000 to February 2007 and found that blood group A was markedly more frequent and blood group O less frequent in patients with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Other studies have found a slightly greater incidence of ovarian cancer in women who are blood group A (link) and blood group antigens (as mucins or ‘blood group substances’) are known to be richly deposited on ovarian tissue. (link) Hopefully fertility specialists will consider individualizing hormonal treatment by blood group when working with fertility patients.

Four patients developed thrombosis (clots) in the jugular or subclavian vein, none of whom had blood group O; this correlates with earlier studies linking blood groups other that type O with an increased risk of thrombosis (link) at some of this clotting may in fact be due to enhanced sensitivity to estrogen, at least in women who are not blood group O. (link)

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