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I am Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician, author, researcher-educator, Ivesian, software developer, music systems pre-programmer and air-cooled engine enthusiast.

I have an abiding interest in glycobiology, principally the ABO blood groups, the secretor (FUT2) polymorphisms and the computer language Perl (as applied to genomic and information systematics). What I especially like about Perl is its tremendous utility in Web based interfaces.

I have been interested, as of late, in the generative sciences, complexity theory and bioinformatics.

I also like to occasionally blog (typically delivered with delightful rustic overtones) on technology, art, culture and minor arcana. I enjoy sailing on Long Island Sound, walking around the more forlorn neighborhoods of Brooklyn, and spending way too much time at the computer.

Statements on this blog do not represent the opinions of anyone other than the I, the author.


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  1. Hello Dr. D’Adamo,
    First of all very nice blog you have and website that you have set up. I am a member of your forum and jump in with all the others members when I can. I have been doing your blood type diet for quite some time now and has helped me to some degree, although I now have a celiac disorder and have to abstain from all forms of gluten and wheat which is quite a challenge for me. I also have some digestive issues which go along with it and regularly take certain supplements that are recommened for celiacs. So, along with my gluten/wheat free diet, I am still sticking with the BTD cause I figure it will help with my health issues that I struggle with.
    I have a particular question that maybe you can answer for me, my 85 yr old mother has arthritis and fibromyalgia and is a blood type O, and I would like to know if she should consume tomatoes? I think I had read in your ER4YT book that folks with arthritis should abstain from eating tomatoes along with potatoes and other types of foods because they contain something in the food that can aggravate inflammation that can cause pain. Also, they are considered a night shade vegetable. I am a blood type A and cannot consume tomatoes, good thing cause I have never been a huge fan of tomatoes in the first place except if it was a sauce. Now, I use pesto sauce as a replacement for my gluten free pasta. Any help you can give me here would be appreciated.
    Michelle r. Taylor

  2. Magi says:

    Hello Dr. D’Adamo

    Today I was remembering a friend I used to work with that had lost a lot of weight. I tried to think of the name of the book she was reading and upon research found you this morning. She lost alot of weight so I am buying your book and I am going to try it as well. I look forward to your site and reading your blogs. I too am a blogger and a writer!

    Thank you

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