Cookies and Pain

I had company this past weekend, and today I’m in a lot of pain.

It all started when somebody offered me some gluten-free cookies for free. I figured “Hey, I’m having company this weekend; it’s a good idea to have desserts and snacks on hand!” Unfortunately, none of my guests liked the cookies, and I ended up eating WAY too many of them myself. Those chocolate chocolate chips cookies were very hard to resist.

I know they contain sugar, and I’m not 100% sure they’re completely corn-free, either. They didn’t come with a full ingredient list, and they likely used the kind of all-natural margarine with “natural flavors” from corn. I buy that margarine myself, to serve to my children and guests. but I don’t personally eat any of it. My family makes no effort to keep bread crumbs out of the margarine tub, as I simply know it’s not food for me. But bake it into some “mostly compliant” cookies and suddenly I can’t resist them?

UGH!!! I KNOW better!

I also had a few other non-complaint foods this weekend, such as the salad made with tomatoes and cucumbers, and the delicious roasted salmon with roasted veggies, which also included tomatoes. But I didn’t eat a lot of either food, and I know how tomatoes affect me. They make my joint pain worse but my muscle pain better, and right now the muscles in my shoulders feel like they’re on fire. This isn’t from the tomatoes, nor is the headache that hasn’t gone away all day.

Today is my first day of “clean eating” since I got those cookies on Thursday, so my headache is probably from detox. And the shoulder pain (and hip pain, and ankle pain and…..) has steadily been getting worse the past few days. I think that sugar is much more toxic for me than I’ve wanted to believe.

I’m making sure to drink a lot of water today and I plan to take an Epsom salt bath tonight. I’m sure I’ll feel better within a few days, and I’m hoping I wake up feeling a lot better tomorrow.

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