Foot fat

I was at water aerobics yesterday.  I put my water weights and my shoes on the side of the pool by my favorite spot – near the speakers so I can hear better.  As I walked toward the steps, I said to my friends, “You would think that after the whole summer my feet would […]

Selling Seniors Short

There is something that has been bugging me ever since I did my research on cholesterol in 2018.  The best I can express it is with a question. Is the established medical community selling seniors short? My birthday was in August.  I’m now a year into Social Security and Medicare.  Maybe the birthday is why […]

Moist salads

I like my salads with lots of dressing.  I don’t know if this is an inborn personal preference or whether it is subconsciously influenced by my Dad.  When I was a child [who didn’t eat any vegetables] Dad once cajoled or bribed me into trying lettuce.  “It has no taste,” I said.  He replied, “Suzanne, […]

“Know thyself”

We are back from a trip through the Southeastern United States, visiting family and friends.  We went to a reunion with my cousins, and visited with friends who have moved to Alabama and Mississippi.  We made plans to spend time with cousins of my husband, who we haven’t seen in more than 20 years.  They […]

BTD vs pre-diabetes

I have good BTD news about my Honorable Husband.  In his most recent physical, his bloodwork showed that his blood sugar was up again.  I guess it was seven or eight years ago that his blood sugar crossed the line into pre-diabetic territory.  The doctor gave him a year to get it down, and that […]

Eat more vegetables with cooking spray

My niece taught me to use cooking spray for roasted vegetables several years ago.  This has become one of my favorite cooking techniques.  It has even surpassed steaming vegetables, the method I relied on for most of my adult life. It is so easy.  I spray a baking sheet with olive oil cooking spray.  I […]

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels

I was at water aerobics this morning.  The teacher was telling stories to keep us distracted because she was doing such a difficult arm workout. She said she had had a rough day earlier in the week, and was craving comfort food.  She had driven by a local fried chicken fast food restaurant and really, […]

Step aerobics and feeling my age

If you are over 60, you will understand this blog.  If you are under 50, wait a few years.  One day you will remember reading this and say, “Oh! Now I get it.” Nobody likes to admit they are getting old.  But if you, like me, have spent 40+ years trying to eat healthy and […]

Paid to exercise

I have been writing blogs in my head for two weeks, but there has not been time to post.  2019 is off to a busy, busy start. I’ve mentioned that the Medicare Advantage plan I chose came with a free Silver Sneakers membership.  The plan actively promotes wellness in other ways.  There is a part […]

Dr. D hacks DNA (or Dr. D & me)

This winter I have taken advantage of my free gym membership through Silver Sneakers.  I found an early morning water aerobics class where I can do squats and lunges which I can’t do on dry land. I am also enjoying their weight machines.  They have so many more choices than the fitness center in our […]