Spices, Supplements and Bible Stories

The Eat Right 4 Your Type Cardiovascular Disease book recommends two spices as Super Beneficial for Type O’s – Turmeric and Fenugreek.  I take a Turmeric supplement once a day and often cook with Turmeric itself and with a Curry powder the number one ingredient of which is Turmeric.

But Fenugreek I have never used.  My Darling Daughter learned about it when she was nursing her first baby, and is taking it again now as she nurses PB.  I went to the grocery store and there was no Fenugreek with the spices, none with the teas, and none in produce.  Next I tried the health food store.  They had Fenugreek capsules, but I wanted to try the spice.  I asked an employee and he said of course they had it and led me to the back of the store where they had herbs and spices in bulk.  Someone else had just bought almost all of their Fenugreek stock.  I took half of what was left.  I ground it up in the blender, and had enough to fill about half of a spice bottle.  I liked the smell.  I liked the taste even better.  I’m using Fenugreek often on vegetables and salads.

Beneficial spices for Type Os are: Carob, Ginger, Horseradish, Parsley, and Cayenne Pepper.  I already used a lot of Carob and Ginger.  I had Horseradish in the pantry, and am acquiring a taste for it.  Somehow I had the idea that Cayenne Pepper was not a good food.  On review, I think I had that impression because on the Type O diet it is neutral, but it is avoid for Type As.  I stopped cooking with it for the sake of the Type As in the family.  I’m now using it on some of my own food.  I need to put Parsley on my next shopping list.

Cardiovascular Protection supplements for Type Os are L-carnitine, Turmeric, and Selenium.  The instructions say take the supplements for 4-8 weeks, then discontinue for 2 weeks, and restart. Cardiovascular Treatment supplements are Green Tea, Guggui gum, and Niacin.  They are to be taken for 4-8 weeks, discontinued for 1 week and restarted.

There are times when I have taken a break from favorite supplements.  It is more common for me to pair two supplements and alternate them MWM and TThSS.  I’m going to set up a schedule and try it Dr. D’s way.

I already took 500 mg of Acetyl L-carnitine for memory.  I’ve now added another 500 mg before I exercise to help with fat burning.  I used to take Selenium, but somewhere along the way I decided to be content with the small amount in my multiple.  I’m now taking the recommended dose.  Niacin is the supplement Adelle Davis most highly recommended for Cholesterol.  For a long time I have taken Niacin once or twice a week for the flush.  I’ve started flushing every day.

Now for a story.  In the first blog I did after I got my bad cholesterol report I asked “What have I done to make my liver so unhappy.”  As I tweak my diet and adjust my exercise, I’m trying to keep that question in view, because I think it is probably the key.  This memory came back to me as I have contemplated and researched cholesterol.

About 20 years ago my husband and I taught the pre-baptism class for elementary age children at our church.  One of the lessons was about Adam and Eve and how sin entered the world.

We would tell the children how God said, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”  Then the devil came to Eve and said, “You will not surely die.  For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  Eve ate the fruit and so did Adam.

I would look at the children and say that when I was a child, I began to think that the devil was the one telling the truth.  I said that when I watched the movie Snow White, one bite from the apple and Snow White clunked down dead.  Why did nothing happen to Adam and Eve?

At the time, there was a basketball player for the Spurs named David Robinson.  Every child in our church knew about David Robinson.  The Spurs were winning big in those days and David Robinson was a hero in our part of Texas.  I asked the children if they remembered when David Robinson first started playing, and they all said, yes they remembered.  They would say things like; he made all his shots, and he played the whole game.  He was unstoppable.  I said, what about now?  They said, “He’s still really good, but he can’t play the whole game.  He has to stop and rest.  He gets injured more often.”

So you see – God was the one telling the truth.  Eve didn’t clunk over dead like Snow White, but her body began to age – in other words her body began to die.  It’s a long slow process.  It takes 60, 70, 80 years.  But it is inevitable.

My faith teaches, and I believe that all of the beneficial foods, all of the exercise, all of the supplements and spices cannot change the fact that because of sin I am aging and I will die.  That is the bottom line with why my cholesterol is going up.  My liver is unhappy because it is gradually wearing out.

My goal in the lifestyle changes I am making is not my appearance.  As I said in a facebook comment, I will never look 50 again, much less 19.

My goal is not to live forever on this earth.  I believe in the resurrection.  I believe in eternal life.  I will live forever, but not here and not in this body.

My goal is to take care of the body I have so that I can be productive and serve God for as long as I do live.  I will be more effective in the work God gives me to do if I am healthy and energetic.  I will bless others better if my heart and circulatory system are as strong as they can be.  I want to use the foods and herbs and spices that God created to hold the inevitable process of aging off for as long as possible.

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