Just like that

Life can change so quickly.  You probably heard about the church bus accident last week that killed 13 senior adults on their way home from a retreat.  That was my church.  I was friends with some of the people who were killed.  I knew the face of every person on the bus.  They started the morning singing praise & worship songs, they got on a bus, they went around a curve, and their lives on earth were over.

The bus accident was on Wednesday.  On Friday I got a text from DD.  It read, “A girl just pulled out of the high school parking lot and rammed our car.”
I caught my breath and texted back, “Are you all ok?”
She replied, “We are fine, but there is a big dent in the car.”
I answered, “I’m not worried about the car if you and SIL and BC are ok.”
This was not their plan for the morning.  They had errands to run on SIL’s day off.  Just like that their plans changed.

This morning I was at a friend’s new house.  I was loading boxes in my car.  My arms were full.  Everything ahead looked fine.  But I didn’t see a step.  I rolled my ankle and fell.  I picked myself up – except for a skinned knee and a tear in my capris, I was ok.  But I could have been calling 911 and on my way to the emergency room, just like that.

A fall when you are 60+ years old can be a life changer.  My Honorable Husband and I have some self-imposed rules.  No climbing on a chair to change a light bulb or dust the ceiling fan.  Go get the step stool.  No going up into the attic unless someone else is in the house and knows you are climbing the ladder.  Absolutely never text while driving.  We are doing what we can do to age gracefully and protect ourselves.  But we can’t protect against everything.

Our health has three components:

nutritional – what we eat
physical – how we exercise
spiritual – our relationship with God.

All three are important.  I had planned to blog about sugar this week, and I’ll get to it soon.  But my mind has been focused on the spiritual aspect of health because of the bus accident.

Every person on our church bus had a personal relationship with Jesus.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were instantly in heaven.  This confidence has permeated our church and every funeral I have attended.  Yes, there is grief.  You don’t lose 13 people from a church body without it leaving a huge hole.  You don’t lose a beloved family member without deep sorrow.  But when there is the consolation that you know you will see your loved one again, it makes the grief less painful.

One of the women who was killed had been a friend of my mother’s 20 years ago.  It makes me smile to think that the two of them are together again.  The music minister in our church died from melanoma a little more than a year ago.  Someone said, “I bet Wally has all 13 organized in a choir already.”  We all smiled, because we can imagine that scene taking place in heaven.

So this week my advice to you:
Eat Right for your Type
Don’t take foolish risks
And if your relationship with God is not secure – get it right

Life can change just like that.

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