The End of an Era

I’ve been a member of the forums here at since February of 2009. That’s nearly 8 years. At the time, my oldest child was 14, and now, my youngest is 15. My sweet little 7 year old boy now towers over me! He’s still sweet, but he’s no longer little.

So much has changed in my life in the last 8 years, and the forums here have always been a part of that. Forums elsewhere have been a part of my life for even longer- first parenting forums from the time Hannah and Leah were 3 and 4, until Jack was about 9. I was on some weight loss forums for a few years before starting the Blood Type Diet and making my “internet home” here. I gradually stopped going to the parenting forum as my kids got older, and also as the forum got too big and impersonal.

Most of my online time these days is on FaceBook. It’s a wonderful place to keep up with friends I don’t get to see often, and to reconnect with people I haven’t seen since high school or college. It’s also an OK way to connect with other with shared interests, such as the Blood Type Diet or other facets of natural healing. But it’s too easy to get sucked into pointless political debates, or taking quizzes to tell me what breed of dog I am, rather than really thinking about positive helpful things.

Don’t get me wrong- I do that too. I’m a member of a number of FaceBook Groups, only about half of which are related to Eating Right. Much of my online time is spent helping others learn how to take charge of their health; sometimes advising them to seek medical attention, but more often sharing what’s worked for me in terms of diet and supplements and helping them figure out what might work for them.

But Facebook isn’t a coherent forum with separate sub-forums and threads. I don’t feel like I can ask the deep questions and wait around for thoughtful answers, not without the thread getting lost under a pile of chitchat. The dadamo forums felt like a big house, with each sub-forum a different room, and I knew where I could go for answers to different kinds of questions, or just to schmooze. FaceBook feels like a giant mall, with each FaceBook Group a different store. Nearly everything can be found there, and there’s always somebody around, and there are many different stores I can go into for different things. But even the cafe section of the bookstore isn’t as cozy as your friend’s living room, and it’s easier to find a book on your friend’s bookshelf than it is to remember WHICH bookstore you last saw it in.

I’m sure we’ll adapt. Between FaceBook and the forum another member is putting together, we’ll manage to keep in touch and continue to support one another, and we’ll create new communities.

But it won’t be this one.

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