Taking charge of my health

I’ve always taken charge of my health by trying to eat and exercise right. I’ve been led astray by the “health fads” of the times- like using soy protein powder as a teenager in the 80’s and going vegetarian in college in the early 90’s- but I’ve always been proactive with my health. These interests led me to look for nutritional answers to ADD when my daughter was diagnosed at age 8, and it eventually led me to find the Blood Type Diet.

I’ve never been one to blindly trust what a medical doctor has told me; I’ve always done my own research about any drugs or procedures a doctor recommends. Sometimes I go with the prescription and sometimes I don’t, but I always feel like I’m part of the process. I didn’t hold back from allopathic treatment when my son had pneumonia, but I followed up his antibiotics with years of probiotics and immune-boosting supplements. I’ve been managing depression and Fibromyalgia for years with nutrition, exercise, and supplements, and only VERY minimal use of medications.

I’ve always known that eating right and exercising are the foundation of healthy living, and supplements can help fill in some gaps. But my current cardiac problems have me at a loss. I can still eat right and take supplements, but exercise is completely out of the picture. The cardiologist still doesn’t know exactly what’s wrong. The tests he’s done so far have yielded incomplete answers, and he wants to send me for another one.

Yesterday I did a little too much walking around the medical center when I took Jack for his annual physical. Before I was even able to check him in, I was out of breath and slightly dizzy, and I had him locate a wheelchair for me to use for the rest of the visit.

I get easily frustrated and angry, and I always have. But I used to be able to “burn off” that frustration with physical activity. Even when the fibromyalgia limited me, I could still go for a long walk and find release. Now I get dizzy before I can reach that point. Plus I’m scared of what’s happening, and so incredibly frustrated that things are out of my control. This isn’t something I can fix on my own, and I’m not used to that.

Tests so far have revealed that my major arteries and veins are clear, and I don’t have diabetes in spite of my family history for it. Both of those are probably a result of eating right, and could have complicated my current medical condition. I also don’t have any sign of infection, in spite of the fluid in my lungs that’s likely been there for months. So it’s not like eating right has done *nothing.* It just hasn’t done enough.

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