Holidays – when and what to avoid

If I went back over the 11 years I have been blogging, I bet I would find a blog every year about Holiday eating. When I woke up this morning, something else on my mind that I wanted to blog about. But here I am revisiting this subject again. If posts on the Forum are an accurate indication, I am not the only one who thinks about what I should and shouldn’t eat during the holidays.

My Bible Study this morning was in Colossians. This is what I read.

Colossians 2:20-23 Since you died with Christ and this has set you free from following the world’s ideas of how to be saved—by doing good and obeying various rules—why do you keep right on following them anyway, still bound by such rules as not eating, tasting, or even touching certain foods? Such rules are mere human teachings, for food was made to be eaten and used up. These rules may seem good, for rules of this kind require strong devotion and are humiliating and hard on the body, but they have no effect when it comes to conquering a person’s evil thoughts and desires. They only make him proud.

The main point is that there is a difference between religion and Christianity. Religion is about following rules and traditions to make myself a better person. Christianity is about receiving Christ’s death to take away the punishment my sin, and then living my life to glorify Him.

But as I read these verses this morning I saw red flags regarding compulsion about food.

On one hand – zeal for health does not make me more spiritual. It does not solve all my problems or make me a better person

On the other hand – some food shortens life. I should avoid those foods because they make me less energetic, less mentally sharp and less productive for God.

Most of the time the Blood Type Diet and Lifestyle make me feel good and keep me out of the doctor’s office. However there are other times, when the BTD puts a barrier between me and other people. Like when I’m invited to a friend’s house and I get an email that says, “I’m planning my menu, what exactly can you eat?”

This is especially true during the holidays. This year Thanksgiving was not a problem. Our Strong Son came to run a 5K Turkey Trot with me in our neighborhood. Afterwards I made frittatas and sweet potato fries for a post race breakfast. SS had plans with his fiancé for Thanksgiving dinner. DD and her family were visiting SIL’s family. So my Honorable Husband and I were alone for the rest of the day. I fixed turkey tenderloin and dressing for the two of us, and we enjoyed a romantic Hallmark movie.

Christmas parties are coming and I will have to make decisions about when and how much to compromise on the BTD. What should I take to the neighborhood cookie exchange? I signed up to take salad to our Bible Study Christmas party. Should I take something good for me or something that my friends will enjoy? You get the idea; your schedule during the holidays is every bit as complicated as mine.

I’m glad I read these verses this morning. It reinforces my belief that I should eat compliant and healthy at home. I mustn’t use the holidays as an excuse to be over indulgent on sugar or load up on avoids. However, when I am a guest, I should put people before rules about food. Food was made to be eaten. There is no need to be hard on my body during the holidays. It is a time for Joy!

Don’t be offended if a Politically Correct clerk at a store wishes you Happy Holidays. The word “holiday” means Holy day. So Happy Holidays, in a unique way, emphasizes that this is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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