Happy Birthday to Me- But now I Feel Old!

I had my birthday on Tuesday, and it was a very pleasant day. Leah and I watched some TV together, and then we went shopping with a friend after Hannah woke up. A local thrift store offers birthday discounts, and I was able to get discounts for all 4 of us. My Mom always gives me cash for my birthday, and I used it to get myself a whole bunch of “new” clothes.

Since we were out for most of the day, it would have been a wonderful day to eat at a restaurant- if there were any kosher restaurants in the area besides a bagel shop and a pizza place. Since both establishments make their own dough, flour gets in the air and I don’t feel safe eating anything from them, not even tuna salad.

I prepared a large pot of vegetable soup that simmered while we were out, so we had a hot meal waiting for us when we got home. I also ate breakfast before leaving the house, and made sure I had trail mix in my purse. But I still didn’t make the best food choices that day. Instead of veggies and eggs, I had an egg sandwich for breakfast, on “mostly compliant” rice bread. I even added a slice of American cheese because it’s so delicious, and it was my birthday. After shopping, I ate two bowls of soup but then craved something heavier- so I made myself another egg and cheese sandwich. Then I found myself hungry at bedtime, and I ate some leftover meatballs and cooked vegetables.

All in all, I had 4 slices of bread, which is about 4 times the amount of grain carbs I really should eat in one day. Plus I had 3 slices of cheese- something I shouldn’t be eating at all! I woke up with a NASTY headache on Wednesday, and I ended up taking aspirin because it wasn’t going away by itself. I still had a headache this morning, but it was much milder, and I didn’t need to take anything for it.

I ate lots of veggies today, and didn’t have any grain until dinnertime, and overall I felt much more satisfied and energetic. I really need to focus on eating right and taking care of myself, or I just won’t feel good. As delicious as those sandwiches were, I’m not sure they were worth a 2 day headache.

I’m 43 now. That’s a prime number- so shouldn’t I be in the prime of my life?

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