Tres pasos para estar en forma este 2019

Son sugerencias sencillas que le ayudarán a perder ese peso de más, de manera segura, una vez por todas. No dejen para mañana aquello que pueden comenzar hoy!   Primer paso: Evitando el trigo coadyuva a deshacerse del exceso de peso o de la grasa acumulada. El alimento alergénico más común y principal causante de […]

Paid to exercise

I have been writing blogs in my head for two weeks, but there has not been time to post.  2019 is off to a busy, busy start. I’ve mentioned that the Medicare Advantage plan I chose came with a free Silver Sneakers membership.  The plan actively promotes wellness in other ways.  There is a part […]

Dr. D hacks DNA (or Dr. D & me)

This winter I have taken advantage of my free gym membership through Silver Sneakers.  I found an early morning water aerobics class where I can do squats and lunges which I can’t do on dry land. I am also enjoying their weight machines.  They have so many more choices than the fitness center in our […]

Catching up

Things have been absolutely CRAZY around here the past couple of months. Hannah just moved to Israel a couple of days ago, after living here for the past 6 months. She took up a lot of my time and energy- if she wanted to talk, I wanted to spend that time with her while I […]

Oh Dear.  Playing catch up again

The very first blog I ever wrote on the D’Adamo website was in 2004 right after the funeral for my Honorable Husband’s father.   Now, 14 years later, we have been going through the final illness and funeral for HH’s mother. His father had been in robust health, developed pancreatic cancer, and passed away in less […]

Preguntas y respuestas

A continuación quisiera presentarles un sin número de preguntas hechas por seguidores de este método de alimentación durante el transcurso de los años, y sus respectivas respuestas respaldadas por D’Adamo: ¿Que son ’lectinas’? Son moléculas proteicas que se encuentran en los alimentos que unidas a glicoproteínas y glicolípidos en la superficie de célula o en […]

Dodging hurricanes and swimming laps

My sister has retired in Virginia.  I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years, and that’s way too long!  My Honorable Husband has two close friends who have also retired on the East Coast – one in Virginia and one in North Carolina.  So we planned a 2-week vacation and bought airline tickets last spring. […]

Las lectinas y la pérdida de peso

¡Imagínense lo bello que fue para mi el poder platicar ante un número considerable de medicos este pasado mes de Junio, en París, acerca de las bondades que aporta esta ciencia nutrigenómica. Transmitirles la iniciativa de que por medio de pequeños cambios en la alimentación poder lograr enormes resultados a nivel de prevención y bienestar […]

Good Cholesterol News

My Cholesterol report is in and it could not have been better. All I can say is once again the Blood Type Diet worked…beautifully…perfectly…ideally for me as a Type O. Here are the numbers: Total Cholesterol – 222 – down 111 points in six months HDL Cholesterol – 106 – good Cholesterol only dropped 11 […]

Happy New Year!

Rosh Hashona is usually a time for families to get together. But my oldest, recently married daughter was going away upstate for the holiday, where the sleep away camp she used to attend is hosting a free event for families and alumni of the camp. I’ve never attended because I don’t think they can safely […]