Catching Up

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but my life’s been busy. My daughter got married at the end of June, and I’d mentally planned on a bunch of blogs related to it. Jewish weddings spread out the festivities for the weeks before and after the wedding itself. The Shabbos before, the bride and groom each have their separate celebrations. We had about half a dozen people sleeping over, and more friends walked over on Saturday afternoon. I was going to do a blog all about the “Shabbos Kallah.” Kallah is the Hebrew word for bride.

I also thought I might do a blog about the wedding feast itself. And then I’d figured maybe I’d have time to write yet another one about the Shabbos following the wedding, when all of us would be in the couple’s new neighborhood, eating by his parents.

I’m not too surprised that I was too busy to write a blog post between the Shabbos Kallah and the wedding. But I WAS surprised to fall down the stairs on my way out the door to the wedding! Thankfully, I didn’t hit my head, but I did cut my arm badly, sprain my ankle, and get a bunch of bruises in all kinds of places. I went to the wedding and delayed medical treatment until the next day. I didn’t go to the festivities at his parents’ house the next weekend, though other family members went.

Between “pain brain” and the side effects of pain medication, I wasn’t up to doing any writing, even though I had ample time sitting at the computer with my foot elevated.

And as soon as I was better, moving started! I’d been living in the upstairs apartment of my mom’s house, but now we’ve all moved down into my mom’s part of the house and we’re getting the upstairs ready to rent out. Our living space is cluttered with cardboard boxes that I’m not sure where or how to unpack, though we HAVE given a lot of things away. We’re all learning how to share this space, which is extra challenging since my Mom doesn’t keep kosher or keep Shabbos, and we do.

New routines need to be established.

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