Bladderwrack woes

The Bladderwrack and Dulse arrived from Amazon.

The dulse was from a company called Maine Coast Sea Vegetables.  It is wonderful.  It tastes like seaweed, of course.  So if you are expecting something delectable, don’t kid yourself.  I’m not buying it for the taste.  I’m buying it because seaweed is beneficial and especially good for my thyroid.  The dulse flakes are small, and texture is good.  When I mix it in with something that tastes good, it is quite edible.

The bladderwrack is what I was really excited about.  Dr. D singles it out as being especially beneficial for Type Os.

The Bladderwrack is from a company called VitaminSea.  I immediately noticed that half of the bag was small flakes, but the other half was big chunks 1/4 to 1/2 inch long.  The first night I added some to my fruit and nut mixture.  I crunched into something hard, and spit out a rock.

I thought it must be a fluke.  The next time I tried – you guessed it – I bit into another rock.

I sent a very polite letter to customer service.  I expected them to apologize, say something must have gone wrong in their packaging plant.  I was shocked when I got this response.

“Yes, occasionally you will find this. It is because it is a wild harvested plant. And as much as we rinse and pick thru the product, some of the pebbles and shells get caught in the folds of the plant.”

I was incredulous.  So they know there are rocks and shells in their product.  I wrote back, again very politely, confirming that I had bought flakes rather than whole leaf.  According to customer service there are even more rocks in the whole leaf than in the flake.  I asked what she suggested I do with the bladderwrack, because the rocks were very annoying.  Her follow up response was again shocking.

You could use it in your bath….it is a great moisturizer!

If I had wanted a bath product, I would have bought a bath product.  I wanted edible seaweed.

Tonight I put the bladderwrack through an old fashioned flour sifter – like what my grandmother used to get lumps and rocks out of flour way back when.  I salvaged about half of the bladderwrack.  I think whatever rocks came through the sifter would be too small to crunch or to damage my digestive tract.

I don’t know what to do with the rest.  I thought about putting it in the blender.  I think the blender would pulverize the rocks as well as the bladderwrack chunks.  I’m not sure whether that is a good idea.  I’m in a quandary.

It is very disappointing.  I will never buy from VitaminSea again.  I would buy from Main Coast, but they do not make bladderwrack.

I guess I’m back to taking bladderwrack capsules.

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