Amazon Box

A box arrived from Amazon today with items from Dr. D’s Cardiovascular Disease book.  Because I live in the country, I order a lot from Amazon, but usually not nutritional items.  This may be a pivotal shopping moment.

It started with a search for Pilau Masala.  Because my Honorable Husband’s mother in no longer mobile, when we go to see her we eat as if we were on vacation.  That means we eat out one meal a day and take our own food for the other two meals.  Often that means canned vegetables and meat in a bowl.  I add spices from his Mom’s spice cabinet.

The last time we were there, I found a spice blend called Pilau Masala.  One of the caregivers had brought it to the house.  It is a seasoning blend for rice used in African countries.  I thought it tasted great on chicken and spinach.  It is all beneficials or neutrals for me except for black pepper.

If you can buy Pilau Masala in one big Texas city, I assumed it would be easy enough to buy when we went to visit DD in the city where she lives.  Not so.  No one at the international markets I called had heard of it.

I looked it up on line and found a different brand with similar ingredients on Amazon. I put it in my cart to wait until I had enough to get free shipping.

I blogged recently about a horseradish powder – horseradish being both beneficial for Type Os and beneficial in the Cardiovascular book.  Someone questioned me, saying they had never eaten horseradish in any form except  moist in a jar.  The product I use is indeed a powder.  It is Eden Foods Wasabi Powder.  The first ingredient is actually horseradish; wasabi is the second.  Wasabi itself is in the horseradish family.  I hadn’t seen this product locally, but Amazon had it.  Now there were two items in my cart.

Because of the Cardiovascular book, I have been eating seaweed four to five days a week, and I was running out of dry seaweed.  I am pleased to find that I can now buy sushi nori papers in my local grocery store, but no one locally has dried seaweed flakes.

Amazon does!  The problem was there were too many choices.  I scrolled through many, many products.  Then I found a bag of dulse, which is a beneficial seaweed for Type Os.  Next I saw a bag of bladderwrack flakes.  It was an thrilling moment.  I have never been able to buy bladderwrack except in capsules.  I was so excited, I ordered a bag of both.

By then I was in the free shipping range.  My box from Amazon arrived today.  I had dulse for dinner.

This would have been impossible in 2003 when I started the BTD…much less when I started eating healthy in 1977.

I’m not going to abandon the nutritional websites that have served me so well for supplements since I moved to the country. But it sure is nice to know that I can find beneficial food products that are not locally available on Amazon.

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