Alps: the marvelous day

Before I write my last blog about our trip to the Alps, I want to share about the single best day of the trip. We’ll see what BTD applications turn up. HH and I spent three days in the Alps in 1987. As we rode into Switzerland on the train, the views of the mountains […]

Alps and local eating

I had a preconceived idea about how Europeans ate. After a couple of days, I realized that most of what I thought was wrong. I knew that Europeans are much more serious about recycling than we are in America. I knew that Europeans are serious about fuel economy. They drive smaller cars; they ride bicycles […]

Alps, sleep and exercise

Before we left on our trip I did some serious thinking about how to minimize jetlag. In traveling from time zone to time zone in the US, I’ve found that the best thing to do is immediately reset my watch and go on the new time for meals and sleep. Friends who do lots of […]

Alps & European Toilets

We are back from a vacation in the Alps. I had hoped to blog while we were there, but wifi was often slow. That plus warnings that I would be wise to keep a low internet and social media profile while we were out of the country changed my plan. Now that I am home […]

Re-establishing a Routine. Again.

It feels like I’m always blogging about starting a routine or getting organized- yet most of these routines seem to fall apart after a while. A few months ago, I blogged about making a family lunch instead of a family dinner. That worked really well- that one time. I did it one other time and […]

Dieta individualizada

La dieta de acuerdo a su tipo sanguíneo es un plan hecho no solo a su medida, sino que a sus necesidades y de acuerdo a sus metas. Cualquiera que sea su meta;tener mayor energía y claridad mental, mejorar su rendimiento en el gimnasio, lograr una considerable perdida de peso, o mantener su actual peso; […]

Eating words for breakfast

I have turned my eating upside down…something many Type Os have recommended, but something I never thought I could do. In fact I have written more than once that I wanted no part in big breakfasts or light suppers. No one is more surprised than myself that I like it. It started with Vacation Bible […]

C Diff

If you are in a hurry, at least read the last paragraph of this blog I have not tried a single new recipe in weeks. HH and I have both been eating a rather bland diet, trying to get his digestive tract back in shape from the double antibiotic disaster last March. I have not […]