Cooking for Two

Hannah just moved out about a week ago, and I’m developing new routines in the kitchen. There are some foods that Hannah enjoys eating that I don’t care for, or that contain ingredient I shouldn’t eat. Already I’m noticing that the fridge is less cluttered, without the “Hannah foods” that Jack and I are unlikely […]

El huevo, y su supuesto contenido de colesterol

Unos 20 años atrás como estudiante de naturopatia en Bastyr College, recuerda el Dr D’Adamo haber oído sobre la practica de limitar el consumo de huevos a pacientes cuyo colesterol fuera elevado, ya que un huevo de buen tamaño contiene como 215 mg de colesterol (prácticamente concentrado en su totalidad en la yema ). Estudios […]

The End of an Era

I’ve been a member of the forums here at since February of 2009. That’s nearly 8 years. At the time, my oldest child was 14, and now, my youngest is 15. My sweet little 7 year old boy now towers over me! He’s still sweet, but he’s no longer little. So much has changed […]

Choices and Consequences

This New Year’s Eve, I decided to make a gluten-free lasagna as part of a festive meal with my kids. I used rice pasta, which is neutral, but I also used canned tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese on top. Tomatoes are an avoid, but I’ve found that they improve muscle pain and energy […]

Merry Happy ChrismaHanukkah

This year, the first night of Hanukkah fell out on Saturday, December 24th. This meant that the food stores were crazy busy late in the week, and weren’t open at all on Saturday night or Sunday. We never go food shopping during Shabbos, so the fact that many stores were open on Saturday until noon […]

Estilo de vida (estrategias)

Aunado al ejercicio y a la alimentación, adaptar estrategias claves que le permitan implementar un estilo de vida de acuerdo a su singular tipo de sangre O, se enumeran a continuación: – Desarrolle planes claros en cuanto a metas y deberes, por año, por mes, por semana o por día para evitar caer en la […]


I’ve heard a lot of bad things about microwave ovens- both that they’re unhealthy to be around while they’re running, as well as making the food less healthful. According to some studies, the very nature of microwaves damages foods, while others say that toxins can leach into foods more easily during microwaving. Those studies imply […]

Evitar alimentos procesados

Un ejemplo de un producto que puede llevarte a equivocaciones. ¿Sabes cómo se producen los embutidos? Cada uno tiene un proceso diferente y, si bien, cada vez se intenta utilizar menos aditivos, aún están muy lejos de ser productos “all natural” como reza el eslogan de las marcas disponibles. Además del azúcar refinado, la dextrosa […]


I’m getting kind of frustrated with my health. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, but I’ve been suffering with it for months. My health hasn’t been quite right since the hernia repair surgery back in December. In February, an echo-cardiogram revealed fluid on my heart, and I’ve been going to doctors and tests […]