Resumen del primer libro ERFYT

Quisiera presentarles un resumen del primer libro escrito por el Dr. D’Adamo, Eat Right 4 Your Type (‘Solución a una dieta individualizada’), publicado por la prestigiada revista medica The Townsend Letter For Doctors La teoría del Dr. D’Adamo es sin duda la opción de dieta o estilo de vida, individualizada y preventiva, que permite mantenernos saludables, […]

Como los tratan las alergias esta primavera?

Los que padecen alergias sufren más problemas de sueño que el resto de la población. ¡Ponle remedio! Como cada año y con la llegada de la primavera, las alergias afloran. Pero además de los síntomas particulares (rinitis, estornudos, irritación ocular…), los que padecen de alergias también sufren de insomnio y se acentúan síntomas de estrés. […]

Raisin Syrup

This year, I was able to obtain a rather large quantity of Passover packaged foods from a kosher food pantry after I’d already done most of my Passover shopping. Plus, the shopping list already included a few treats for the kids, such as macaroons and marshmallows. I found myself in the unique situation of having […]

Over hydration

Our Strong Son stayed spent the weekend at our house for a recent triathlon. The day before the race he had carefully prepared his snacks and drink for the bicycle and the run portions of the race. He has done quite a bit of research on how much fluid and how many calories he needs […]

La Dieta de acuerdo al ‘Genotipo’

Por medio de múltiples medidas antropometricas de torso, de pierna, así como medidas comparativas de  dedos índice y anular, D2 y D4, proporciones de cadera con respecto a cintura, la forma y dimensión de la cabeza, ángulos de mandíbula, características dentales y huellas digitales, las cuales nos ayudan a obtener historial prenatal y genético. A […]

Allergy Avoid Tradeoff

Last week I blogged that my seasonal allergies and my food allergy to chocolate disappeared after several years on the BTD. I wasn’t expecting that result, so I wasn’t watching for a change. I just realized one day that I had gotten past August and September without a sore throat. I could be around freshly […]

Saying Goodbye

Ben Reich passed away on Sunday, March 1st. He was the father of my children and a good friend, even though we’ve been divorced for years. The past few months have been hard, as we knew he was dying- but obviously the past week and a half have been harder still. Most of his immediate family, myself included, were there with him at hospice the day he died.


I once was meeting with a patient, and as I usually do, I asked him how he had heard of me. He answered by citing a newspaper article which I knew in fact was extraordinarily negative about the BTD. When I asked him what he thought about the article, he answered that his sister had had such wonderful results with the program, but he had never gotten the name of the book from her! The article has simply served to give him a way to find me. He was grateful for that.