Lograr un peso saludable y sostenido

Antes que nada, quisiera felicitar a todas las mamacitas en nuestro día. Honor a quienes honor merecen! Los anuncios publicitarios de productos y programas para bajar de peso y obtener salud necesitan tonificar sus mensajes, haciendo afirmaciones, prometiendo más de lo que probablemente los productos y programas pueden cumplir. Proclaman resultados “milagrosos” – una rápida […]

Brain Exercise – what type is best?

As you know if you have spent any time with the Blood Type Diet – every body is different.  Not only do different Blood Types need different foods, but Dr. D. recommends different types of exercise for the different Types. Once I turned 60, I became interested in brain function, and I hope to maximize […]

A Passover Birthday Party

Yesterday Hannah turned 20. She invited a few friends over for a low-key party. The night before, we made the birthday cake. Passover baking options are limited, especially since Hannah can’t have wheat. Regular flour isn’t allowed, but matzah meal is used in a lot of recipes, especially “cake meal” which is ground more finely. […]

Watching BC Grow as an A

My Darling Daughter, my Son in Love, and my adorable grandson came to visit last week. Baby Cakes is two years old now. I could write all kinds of grandmotherly things like how he learned so quickly to shoot rubber bands, how his language is developing, how he loves to color pictures and play outside […]

Como zumbido de moscas……

Varias observaciones del Dr. Greg Kelly, colaborador del Dr. D’Adamo, respecto a los comentarios sobre BTD, hechos por Dean Ornish, etiquetando a la nutrición genética (por tipo de sangre, BTD) como ”una sarta de tonterías”, al ser cuestionado este, sobre si sabia que en su gran mayoría, las personas con tipo de sangre O, obtienen […]

Pi Day Pies

Ever since the first year I homeschooled Hannah, we’ve observed March 14th as Pi Day- as March 14th is 3-14 in America. We bake and eat pies, and learn about circles. Since Jack is doing Algebra this year, circles aren’t part of his math curriculum right now, but it’s still been a tradition for nearly […]

Remembering Ben

Last Thursday night and Friday was Ben’s first Yahrzeit; the anniversary of his death on the Hebrew calendar. The kids and I got together with his sisters and their spouses on Friday morning to visit his grave and remember him. We haven’t gotten the official gravestone yet, and I don’t know if we’ll have another […]