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I am a type O married for nearly 40 years to a type A husband. Our type O son is a doctor of physical therapy. He is training for his first triathlon. Our type A daughter has a degree in marketing. She married a minister and had a Type A son (our first grandbaby!) in 2014. Each of us has different diet and health issues.

At 60+ years old, my main interest is building my health and avoiding the muscle loss faced by women my age. My husband (HH) deals with a lot of stress and is skeptical of nutrition. He takes medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. His blood sugar is high, which is an added concern since his Dad had Type 2 Diabetes. Our son (SS) is a single young professional. His social life revolves around his Bible Study group and sports. He understands basic BTD principles and follows them when he is eating alone, but yields to the group they are eating out. Our daughter battled an exercise/eating disorder in late high school and early college. She has emerged with a mature commitment to healthy eating and exercise. She is now committed to having a Blood Type Diet home for herself, her Type O husband (SIL) and their Type A baby (BC). How I help my family juggle those issues is the focus of my blogs.

We follow a combination of the Blood Type Diet and the GenoType Diet. I identify with most Hunter characteristics, but feel like there is a bit of Gatherer in me as well. The finger measurement that separates the two is just a millimeter. My husband and daughter both measure as Teachers, but their characteristics are a combination of Teacher and Warrior. My daughter and I built a database with the information we have from all of our Dr. D’Adamo books. We took that information and created our own food lists. I call mine the SGBBTGTD (Suzanne Graham Blood Type Geno Type Diet). My husband is starting to follow the Diabetes diet from the D’Adamo Health Library.

Until I was 24 my diet was atrocious. Then I read book on nutrition and became a health food nut. I got processed foods and artificial ingredients out of my diet. Until I was 48 I was rarely sick, had lots of energy, and was happy with my weight. However, I was frustrated by the many contradictions in nutritional research. Why did some studies support vegetarianism (which made me feel awful) while other studies said high protein? Why did some herbs do miracles for others, but nothing at all for me? A nagging problem with heartburn led me to Eat Right for your Type in June 2003. I found immediate relief by eliminating the avoids I ate for breakfast every morning. ER4YT was the logical, scientific explanation for the inconsistencies in the other diet and nutrition books.

I worked as a writer and photographer until my children were born. When DD started Middle School, I taught journalism part time at her private school. When my husband retired, we moved to the Hill Country. I now have my own photography, graphic design, and writing business.

My favorite nutrition quote is, “The God who created your body, also created the food your body needs for fuel. The closer your food is to the way God created it, the healthier you will be.”

My second favorite nutrition quote is from Peter D’Adamo, “For you some food acts like medicine, some food acts like poison, and some food acts like food.”