Fresh look at Vegetables and Fruits

I feel like I’ve made some progress since my last blog.  At least one of my meals every day has been beneficial or super-beneficial protein.  I have lost more than a pound – a noticeable part of which has come off my belly.  I feel encouraged.

This week I focused my reading on vegetables and fruits.

When I first started the BTD my Type A daughter was in Middle School.  She and I explored the food lists together.  I remember being jealous that the Type A food list said Type As could have unlimited vegetables, while the Type O food list said three to five servings a day.  Over the years, I probably misinterpreted that, especially as I read other non-BTD research about carbs.  I felt I had to limit the amount of vegetables I could eat.  A really big salad could easily wipe out all my veggie portions for a whole day.

I was so excited when I read in Dr. D’s Cardiovascular Disease Book that I could have unlimited portions of beneficial and super-beneficial vegetables.  And I can still have 2-5 servings of neutral vegetables.  What this means is that I am eating vegetables for snacks when I get hungry between meals.  One day I had leftover okra.  Today I sliced a sweet potato and had oven baked sweet potato fries in the afternoon.  I feel like this is so much better than snacking on nuts or dried fruit or chocolate.

The Cardiovascular Book says “Mushrooms, broccoli, and greens support cardiovascular health.”  I eat a log of broccoli and greens, but on the regular Type O list mushrooms were all neutrals or avoid.  Now I have one super-beneficial mushroom and six beneficials.  There are only two mushrooms that are avoid.

I also read, “Seaweeds help Blood Type O regulate thyroid function.”  Wait a minute…are thyroid and cardiovascular related?  I didn’t mention it, but in my bloodwork, my T4 was right in the middle of normal, but my TSH was a little high.  The doctor said that TSH goes up first and T4 follows.

I was fascinated with seaweed when I first started the BTD.  I used sushi nori papers for all sorts of creative things.  I guess I burned out on them, but this week I have pulled them back to the front of the pantry along with dried seaweed.

Mustard greens were avoid on the BTD, but they were super-beneficial on the Hunter diet, so I have been eating them.  They are avoid on the Cardiovascular diet because they inhibit thyroid function.  There is another thyroid/cholesterol connection.  I need to know more about this.

I’ve been getting turnips from the Organic Garden.  I think my favorite way to eat them is grated in a salad.  Since they are beneficial and carrots are just neutral, my salads are decorated with more white and less orange.  Romaine is the only beneficial lettuce for me.  I can get Romaine lettuce from the Organic Garden as well – which is nice with the e-coli scare going around.

I wrote a blog a while back when my weight had crept up and mentioned that I had been eating fruit as a snack when I was hungry between meals.  Someone commented, “Why would you increase your fruit, it’s high in sugar.”  I probably took that rebuke too seriously – but I cut my fruit back to 1 portion a day.

The Cardiovascular Book says, “Eating plenty of fruit favorable to Blood Type O can improve your overall metabolic function and help you maintain a healthy weight.”

I can have 3-5 cups of fruit a day.  Wow!  That’s a lot.  I have eaten every super-beneficial fruit since I got my blood test results.

The only disappointing change is that apples have moved to Infrequent Neutral, along with grapes, raisins, and strawberries.  Everywhere I read such good things about apples – except from Dr. D.

I have increased my fruit intake, but I’m still way below 3 cups a day.  Something to work on in the coming week.  Next blog will be about how grains radically changed on the Cardiovascular Diet.

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