Curly Kale and Baby Kale

One of the reasons I like getting the box from the organic garden. It pushes me to eat beneficial foods that are less enticing.

I know kale is really good for me.  Virtually every time Dr. D puts out a graphic with a list of beneficial foods for a certain issue, kale is on it.  But Curly Kale stinks up the house when it cooks.  In addition, it has to cook a long time to be tender – even when I pull the leaves off the stalks.

The deer in our yard agree with me – they refuse to eat kale stalks. Even this time of year when the does are nursing their fawns, they will have nothing to do with kale.

Curly Kale has been in the box from the organic farm two weeks in a row. The first week I sautéed it with olive oil and curry powder. I thought it was really good, especially when I added chopped chicken.  HH doesn’t eat cooked greens, so I didn’t have the benefit of a second opinion.

This week Curly Kale was the only greens in the box, so I have put chopped kale on the top of my frittatas for breakfast.  Two mornings I added grilled onions and red peppers. Two other mornings I added taco sauce. Both tasted good, but since Curly Kale has to cook so long to be tender, it is a delicate balance getting the kale cooked enough without over cooking the eggs.

Wal-mart carries a product that I like better for frittatas. It is a bag of fresh Baby Spinach and Baby Kale. It is pre washed, so I don’t have to worry about dirt. They sell it in a bag with vent holes, so it doesn’t get slimy like a similar big name product that my grocery store carries. It cooks quickly on my eggs and the Baby Kale is as tender as the spinach.

When I type Baby Kale and Baby Spinach, I think of Precious Baby.  Just a quick update.  PB is now 12 weeks old.  He or she is about the size of a lime.  PB’s body is fully formed, including ears, toes and fingers complete with fingernails. Baby’s got all his or her internal organs.  The intestines have moved into place in the abdomen and the kidneys are starting to excrete urine.  The main job now is to grow.  PB is opening and closing his or her fingers and curling toes plus using mouth muscles to practice sucking.  He or she can hear sounds, and some say this is a good time to introduce a baby in the womb to music!

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