Mustard Greens and Grandbabies

I’ve been planning to blog about mustard greens, but I may get side tracked.

When I started the BTD in 2003, my exposure to greens was really limited.  I ate lettuce, of course, and I knew not to buy iceberg.  I ate both Romaine and leaf lettuce.  I ate spinach both raw and cooked.  That was really about it.

I began experimenting with greens trying Swiss Chard, beet greens, kale from the fresh produce department.  Then in the freezer section I found collard greens, mustard greens, and turnip greens.  My two favorites were fresh beet greens and frozen mustard greens.

Last week in my box from the organic farm I got fresh mustard greens.  I washed them, and cooked them.  My fall back way of cooking fresh greens is to put a thick coating of light olive oil in the bottom of a pan, then tear freshly washed greens with water droplets still clinging to them, in small pieces.  The oil and the little bit of water wilt the greens, and I let them simmer until they are tender.

When I tasted the fresh mustard greens they had a really strong flavor.  They were almost as pungent as kale.  At first I didn’t like them.  I get about three servings from the amount of greens they send me my box.  I enjoyed the second serving more.  I mixed some leftover ground beef with the third serving, and it was really good.

I suspect that in the future, I may find frozen mustard greens rather bland by comparison.

While I was washing, cooking and eating mustard greens; DD was preparing to announce publically that she is expecting a brother or sister for BC.  I’m going to call this new grandbaby PC – precious child.

When DD was pregnant with BC, she was working full time and driving 45 minutes to work.  She tried to pack snacks to nibble on throughout the day, but there were times when she grabbed whatever was in the break room to fend off nausea – even if it wasn’t at all healthy.  She was perpetually tired, and was convinced that pregnancy would never be over and she would never feel good again.

It didn’t matter what anyone, including her mother, said about the first trimester, she was miserable.

This time has been easier.  She is an at home mom to BC, so when she gets tired, she rests on the sofa while BC plays beside her. She has been able to keep better control of her snacks, so the nausea has not been as bad.  The main difference with PC has been motion sickness.  It hits her in the car, but it is also caused by her computer screen and her I phone.  I get a couple of texts a day, but no morning emails!

She has just hit 10 weeks, and has seen the baby’s first sonogram picture.  She is already feeling better, and knows that she will start to genuinely feel good in another week or two.

The funny thing – and I can’t figure this out from a BTD standpoint – is that she does not want to eat the things that she usually eats.  As a Type A, she eats lots of salad, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and lots of eggs.  She eats small portions of meat, a little yogurt, and small to moderate grain servings.  Since she found out she was pregnant, she has not wanted salad or nuts.  Eggs are ok, but she prefers fish or chicken.  And she craves grains and ice cream.  Except for the ice cream, she’s not eating avoids, but she is eating completely different from her usual diet.

Sorry mustard greens, you didn’t get the spotlight you deserve – – because I’m going to be a grandmother again!

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